China Has Two Types of People

Idiots and rude people.

Seriously these fuckers are rude.

If you talk to them, they shove a no to you and stop talking. That is rude.

Every single country has rude people, and idiots.

It’s a proportion problem, rather than a, phenomenal one.

And it seems like, this proportion is extremely big in China.

One thing needs to point out is materialism. This is the thing that twists and distorts humans’ basic understanding of human behaviors. It works, as a poison, to sabotage people’s views on others.

In China, you rarely approach any of your own countrymen, you don’t and you can’t talk to.

Many people are afraid of strangers, due to unknown reasons. However, this is completely not the case for foreigners/expats.

Outside of this country, things are much simpler and straightforward. And you can simply just talk to people, anything.

I don’t see why that doesn’t work here in China.

If you approach people, you are considered weird. That’s… strange.

And people who shut you down at once, is even stranger, as you have only said one line or two, with completely harmless intent.

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