Chinese HRs Are Bunch of Meatheads

I was thinking about does the society value ability the most? Pure ability.

Nowadays, people are completely degraded or objectified.

To find a job is to sell yourself, to sell yourself means to degrade yourself to a mere object.

People have too little time to go through anything. Everything is fast and people choose people very quickly.

HRs, they don’t give a shit about who you really are. They want to see your descriptions, your descriptions of usage. Then, they can put you into their baskets as if you are just some soda can in a supermarket.

The bosses, don’t give a shit about who you are either. The point of you being there, is completely making money for him. You are an object, a tool of money milking, you are not a human, you are a mere object.

I learned this far ago, the stupid waiter job I did, my mom’s hard-working low salary accountant job and well… anything, most things don’t have souls, they are completely buried into this realistic world of robotic repetitiveness.

Ability is impossible to see through during an interview, yes it does showcase most of it, but not all.

What people want is just that one person, like goods in the market, he/she has a description, has a price, has a function and nothing more. He’s soulless, his entire life is pointless, he’s there for a reason, for survival. This survival keeps him from death, keeps him from suffering, so is he there, is he there.

These HRs and bosses are bunch of meatheads who don’t give a single shit about a human being. There’s no humanity, and they are not asking for humanity. They are asking for consumable goods, freaking consumable goods.

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