Honesty Talk from Recent Activities

Honesty is the first thing one should present, it makes one upright. He walks upright, he sits upright and he sleeps upright, are all, due to whether one can be honest all the time.

Since when our world recommends lying? I am confused.

I can’t lie. I still feel the urge that prevents me from becoming a despicable person. I’ve lived through all these years disciplining myself to be an honest person.

I know the reality does not value honesty, not at all and it also does not value talents and skills.

However, I am thinking about whether there are other ways that don’t break my rules and can simultaneously achieve my goals.

But Chinese HRs are just bunch of meatheads who only read through a few of papers people send to them.

After all these years, resumes and CVs are still under the level of paper form. I see many creative people are already presenting themselves with websites, videos and music so long they have portfolios.

You can lie, you can cheat, you can write the best decorated resume among all others, and HRs see that as a fit, she will call you. This sound stupid af but I figure this might be how all the people lie to their success.

I am never a boaster and I don’t think I am going to be one. Boasting makes me unable to come peace with myself and I really hate that. I can’t say like this is good for my life because I don’t have a job and everything is about survival.

My life is never about survival and it never will be.

I am content with a low salary as long as I can find arts and beauty in it.

I just… out of all of the jobs listing out there, I can’t seem to find one that is not robotic, over-repetitive and requires little to none creativity.

My whole student career had been suppressed on creativity and I have to face this stupid situation today?

Realism is a thing, and it gets things done, I understand. But I don’t want my whole game to be something that I deem valueless and I need to take some timeouts to actually do things valuable, that is completely wasting my time.

For now, I sent 20 resumes out there and only two got responses. Due to the HRs being all meatheads and basically ignorant af.

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