Small Thoughts

I think I may have written a lot of stuff lately, however, whether they are really helpful, I am not sure.

As I think I have been listing things that were already listed before.

Possibly that I am just writing stuff that I wrote before, but this time, there’s this stronger emotionally memorable impact on me.

I don’t see how’s this manageable.

To counter irrationality with rationality is hard, to counter realism with idealism or utopianism is hard.

I suddenly don’t know what else I can do now.

I always find myself in a rather powerless state where people can not be convinced or persuaded through rationality.

I have the perfect rationality sense, I kind of fail at the emotional touch.

But emotional touch alone does not consist of persuasion. But if people don’t even listen to rationality, how’s persuasion even going to happen?

The best persuasion comes from emotions+reasons.

Some people are more rational, they can be persuaded through reasons. Some are more emotional, they can be persuaded through emotions.

But how, to persuade anyone, if the person is irresponsive or extremist on any account?

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