The Early Articles

The early articles on this site are somewhat, hard to read. The grammar, the tense, how the sentence structured, they were all in a transitioning process.

Earlier when I wrote articles, I was based completely on my Chinese language system, thus words and phrases didn’t collide pretty well. In general, they were more like translations from Chinese rather than from an original English article.

Your head functions like this, usually, the other language takes some time to convert in your mind. Once the conversion is complete, you’ll have the second language system in your head.

Before the conversion, somehow, the brain speaks from the mother language.

The process takes like this: Chinese words –> Counterpart English words –> Forming a sentence with the Chinese language habits –> Picking up small fractures of English language habits –> A sentence

Not perfect, not at all. That’s why they are all so unbearable to read, kind of.

When I check back on these articles, it’s hard for me to revise them as I don’t really remember and know what I was trying to convey originally. Second, the language was so messy all around in a single article that I feel reluctant to amend all of them.

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