Thoughts of Liberty


People are born different.

The notion that everyone is equal is based on the prerequisite that the people have consciousness.

Without the basic consciousness, it’s hard to compare certain groups of people with the privileged ones.

It is the mind, that sets us free, into an ocean of liberty.

Without the mind, we are nothing but mere social animals. And that, creates differences, and conflicts.

One thing we have to admit, is that, people are born physically different.

From what Nietzsche said, your body commands your soul. Thus, different bodies means different souls.

How do we have consciousness, and how do we know that people have consciousness rather than mere emotions or reactions?

Men are qual is based on that everyone has consciousness. But that, realistically, is completely not true.

Without one choosing to have consciousness, there is no equality.

One can be born into a poor household. But if you assert that the person is the same as a rich person. That is not equality.

The poor man must decide whether it is his will to stay in that hard situation, thus, he gains the ability of consciousness, and the will to liberty.

But without consciousness, that the poor man, has no will, neither knowledge of his current poor state. That, does not define a person’s capability for equality.

In words, he can not sense equality. Equality does not apply to him, either is it useful on him.


There is no absolute morality. Morality in itself contradicts with each other.

Morality applies to situations, and the “supply and demand”.

In words, laws try to not contradict each other, however even in paper form, they still do somehow (contradict with each other). But morality is norms. You can break it, or change it. During different times, there are different judgements, and of course, different moral perspectives.

Let’s say, polygamy is bad. However, if the world only left one human male, and all others are female. Does that make it legit for polygamy?

The “supply and demand” has changed, and also, unusual times.

In words, morality only applies to perspectives. There is not a universal morality for everyone to obey.


I believe, organisms try their best to survive and copulate.

So all behaviors and activities would relate to these initial desires or life instincts.

But humans are really somewhat different than all other organisms on earth.

There are specimens among us who do not value life, whose consciousness is way bigger and ahead of their instincts, so it controls themselves.

And the people who do not desire copulation.

There are exceptions everywhere, it’s just we observe more of our own kind.

It’s peculiar to see how our species work together.

If everything stems from the initial desires of surviving and copulating, it might explain a lot of things. But there are also things that don’t correlate to the two desires. Our world is so complicated that it’s hard to generalize someone’s motives behind something.

And somehow I also hold the firm belief that we are bigger than just pure animals, whose desires are just to live, and to mate.

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