You Shall Not Fear Death

What is life? Again?

Life is preserving information, that information can become legacy, lasts forever.

In the millions years of us human kind evolving and developing, we pass down the flame of knowledge so that we create, and transform our own lives into something marvelous, than the previous ones.

As individuals, we are each merely a human being that is vulnerable to many things. Each one of us is fragile, weak, physically. We can’t stop one person form dying if he or she suffers a severe disease, a bullet in the head, a lung depravation or a mental breakdown.

To comfort our loss, we unite together and give each other support.

Ideas, never die. Words are the most powerful weapon from the primal ages that we possess. You can not kill an idea. An idea lives on forever, whether the person lives or dies.

We need more people, to inherit the idea, to inherit, the legacy.

The beauty of our world, is that we are constantly passing down knowledge and exchanging them. Ideas, never die.

And every person has a voice to express his or her ideas. Thus one person never truly dies. His information is himself. He has already preserved his information in forms of legacy that can last forever.

You never truly die.

Your legacy follows your trail after your death thousands of years later.

One can be nameless, fameless, what matters is what he produces.

Death is the mere form of body decaying, but the mind, the mind never decays!

It lives on. No matter in what form.

Ideas can not be killed.

I… I find peace in knowing that.

The reason to live is to find beauty in life, to create beautiful things in life, to produce better things. It doesn’t matter age, gender or race. So long you can produce, you live on and try to produce the most beautiful things in life, then you decide whether to perish.

I find it, most crucial, to life, is our appreciation of life. The ability to appreciate life.

What makes a life meaningful, it is the mere will to see beauty. The sunup and sundown, the river quivering, the light spots in the shade, the birds flying, the deer searching for food in the snowy soil. Everything, it’s everything.

What makes a person alive is his sheer will to seek beauty, his senses to feel beauty, his consciousness in understanding beauty. Appreciating beauty makes us alive. We are lively because we can understand.

If a person is stripped away from his consciousness, he is thus not alive anymore. He loses his ability to seek beauty, as well as the ability to appreciate it.

But, we are not just this. We are… far bigger than this.

Lives lived, and perish.

What matters, is time. Are you able to create as much things in limited time? We are competing against time. Humans pass their knowledge 25 years a row, we are very young, and very tight on time.

We use the most energetic time of our life to produce the most beautiful things on earth. And we strive, we thrive.

Death, is a state. It is the period for a body, but it is not, for the mind. It lives on forever.

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