Red Dead Redemption

Why Red Dead Redemption Is Great

So there is this Stranger mission in Red Dead Redemption.

You encounter a woman crying in a church outside of Blackwater. As a noble outlaw, you customarily go forth and ask her well-being.

The woman is pregnant with a rather big belly, seems like a baby for 6 or 7  months now. As a hero of the wild west, or you claim yourself to be, none other than killing innocents or criminals, you are concerned with this woman’s problems.

The woman claims that she’s kicked out of her previous employer’s house as a nanny because she had an affair with the host. She’s penniless and a baby is about to be born. She asks you for your help to talk down the host who’s wasting himself on alcohol and “let” him give some money to her so that she can settle down with her unborn baby and herself.

You are very sympathized with this woman so you head into Blackwater and confront the heartless man who abandoned his mistress.

The man’s named Harold, and while lavishing himself on the liquor, he claims he knows no such person as Clara, the woman who sought your help.

Nonetheless, your accusation made the man angry, and he proposes a duel with you. Both of you go out to the street and start the duel.

Undoubtedly, it’s you the winner of the duel, a noble outlaw you are.

You pick up the money from the dead man and go back to Clara. She is very grateful with your godsend $200. She asks about Harold’s well-being, and after hearing the misfortune, she tells you that she needs to see him in his funeral. Then she left.

As a noble outlaw you are, you feel quite heroic after you done such a chivalrous act.

A few days later, you come back to the church outside of Blackwater to see Clara and the man’s funeral. However, you don’t see Clara at all but Harold’s widow wife.

She tells you how miserable she is and may God bring peace to the poor soul of her husband’s. But she also mentions that a young woman laughs hysterically on the funeral. She says “Why a stranger like Clara can be this cruel?” And after the brief conversation, you complete the Stranger mission.

This mission at first glance seems nothing more than the ordinary hero saving innocent girl quest.

But, on a second thought. Something is not right.

This is the wild wild west. Rockstar has put up all their effort to paint a world with no definite laws, and no absolute justice. This world is deceiving, seductive and never being the ordinary parallel.

John Marston, a man that seems to do all the vigilante justice, is merely a murderer of hundreds of innocent deaths. He himself also witnessed many unjust consequences for the people in the wild west.

As what he said,

Some trees flourish, others die. Some cattle grow strong, others are taken by wolves. Some men are born rich enough and dumb enough to enjoy their lives. Ain’t nothing fair.

This leads to our ultimate revelation of this incident.

The woman Clara was cheating at the first place. If anything from the widow of Harold said is true, then Clara could be just a stranger who sought the household’s fortune. Or the other possibility is that Clara was just a mistress of the man, and she was not a nanny at all. She did not know the house very well but the husband, and she might, or might not be impregnated by Harold. Because she’s poor, and she took advantage of our noble outlaw.

So at the end of the day, John Marston yet again did another stupid errand for some nobody.

But this, is why I call Red Dead Redemption great.

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