The Current Internet State of China

Bloomberg reported last year that in 2018 China is going to ban all VPN services in order to prohibit netizens access outside network.

It is said that the ban is already in effect, which happened in March, this year.

From news sources, it is said the government has already banned all unauthorized VPN services. If, this is true, netizens would have much trouble connecting to the outside world.

But I haven’t experienced any trouble connecting to my VPN service, but it might be the case that my VPN is the most efficient and the priciest you can find in China. ...READ MORE

The Famous Train Example of Relativity

The famous example of relativity by Einstein was the moving train problem.

When one man stand before a fast moving train, and two lightening strikes, he’ll see the two lightening strikes appear at the same time.

However, if the man stands on the train as the train is moving from left to right, he’ll see the the two lightening strikes appear at different time, as the right lightening strike appears first and the left lightening strike appears later. ...READ MORE

Not Just The End – Assassin’s Creed Revelations Review

Revelations paints the late stage of the legendary assassin, the mentor, and the successor of the Creed, Ezio Auditore.

In his 50s, Ezio is old, yet still vigorous and passionate about his seeking of the forefather’s legacy. He has already transformed from that young lad that was vengeful and resentful about his family’s deaths, by tracing the steps of his father and brother, to a leader who single-handedly founded the Assassin Brotherhood across Europe and to the extent of Middle Asia. Now, he is the twos before, although an aged body, but still a young heart with passion. ...READ MORE

The Presumption of Freud Psychology

Fred’s psychology is what modern psychology vastly bases on.

However, there is a fundamental error in his whole theory of psychology.

For Freud, he thinks that many people are unfit for the category of normal.

What normal is perceived in his theory are people that seemingly function averagely.

Any, abnormality is considered an illness. And patients with such illnesses, should be treated with psychiatric therapies. ...READ MORE


There are two types of guard.

One is physical guard and two is mental guard.

When we are in an unfamiliar place, we tend to tense up our mental guard, in order to perceive potential threats and dangers.

Our physical guard, on the other hand, is based on our health, and overall, reflexes.

There are multiple ways to, familiarize yourself with a new environment, which ultimately leads to security, that lets your guard down. ...READ MORE


Suppose your senses are lying to you, which makes all of your perceptions none other than illusions.

If I am, in a simulation machine, which all of my senses are artificially simulated, the senses are so real I can’t tell whether I am in a simulation machine.

If I am indeed in a simulation machine, how come I never wake up once to know the real world? The hypothesis is that I live inside a simulation machine, the opposition is that I never wake up to know I live inside a simulation machine. ...READ MORE

Chasing the Truth

In reality, while it may seem truthless, as we get various different sources of information, truth is not reflected by human emotions.

That said, in order to obtain truth, human perceptions

Reality is truthless.

Truth is based on perceptions. Whatever you believe is true is true.

It seems, truth is limited to our senses.

What if, truth is not based on senses? Truth is not based on pure perceptions of human organs? Human emotions are affecting how one perceives truth. ...READ MORE