Benevolence in Women

When you are seeking a partner, no matter it’s a girlfriend, or a spouse. She needs to have that benevolence inside her.

Benevolence is an important trait in women.

Benevolence makes a woman a woman. Women have this incredible tolerance that men simply don’t possess. Men are easily provoked. Men retaliate.

But, for what is the most natural trait of women, that is benevolence. Something that an angel possesses. And that is why, many great female characters in either history, or media, possess this charming trait.

A woman can forgive a man even if the man hurts her. A man can not forgive a woman when she betrays him.

Benevolence might seem weak for people. But it’s the better version of tolerance. Blind tolerance is weak. But benevolence means to understand, accept and forgive. It’s this incredible trait that exudes women’s maternal brilliance, and it is also this remarkable trait that makes men want to lie down and be embraced by women they love.

Benevolence is going to be a determining factor to gauge a woman’s personality. And this trait works best with men’s capabilities.

Men lack benevolence. No man ever possesses benevolence. Men are violent in general, and aggressive. Women aren’t. If you try to imagine the noble savage, you’ll find cohesion between passionate men and women.

I don’t want to comment on today’s society and whatnot. It’s just, when you are picking a partner, a woman needs to have benevolence.

As for a man, intelligence.

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