Save and Load

-Johnny, are you sure you want to do this?

-Yeah, honey. I regretted. For the 65 years of my life, this is my first and last regret. See you back in time.

I felt extremely dizzy this morning, it seemed to me I was having a bad dream. A weird dream.

In that dream, I was talking to someone, whose face I could not recognize. But… the voice. The voice of the person was so gentle and endearing, I couldn’t get it out of my head. Who was that?

Checked up to the mirror, I didn’t see any strange symptoms other than my black eyes. Jumping and pacing around my room did make me feel better, but I didn’t feel too much difference from several days ago. But that dream… that dream worried me, it felt like something lost in time, yet, somehow I sensed a connection to it.

I quickly grabbed a chocolate milk and headed to my local university.


Today is my big day. I just graduated from my university with an anthropology PhD. While surrounding by my classmates who are shamelessly boasting about the job offers they’ve already got, I look over to the gate of my school. “Looks like the book of my life is turning a new page.”

Relieved, nervous, scared, all types of emotions run through my head.

“Hey, John, aren’t you going to join them?” My back was suddenly tapped. I turn my head around, Lorie pops up, with a usual grin on her face.

“Nah… Don’t think I am the party type, spare me the attention.”

“Awww, you are always like this. This is why you don’t have too many girlfriends.”

“You mean, female friends. Well, I think I am quite enough of having you alone.”

“I am not quite sure whether I should be happy about this one. Anyways, what are you gonna do?”

“Like, after school? I don’t know, the dudes over there seem already settled. I am not quite sure I can even land a job on my own.”

“A job is a job… You always talk to me about your big dreams of adventures. Jungle explorer, aren’t you going for that?”

“Well, they are under consideration. I never said I wouldn’t go for any of them. I picked this major specifically because I could harness abilities of understanding other cultures. You need to have a basic understanding before you on an expedition.”

“Alright alright, John-know-all, aren’t you interested in what I am about to do?”

“You? I don’t think I need to worry about you. You are always the type that quickly settle down on whatever you do. I believe you already got a plan, ain’t it?”

“Well…”, Lorie bows down her head a little, I’ve never seen her this hesitating, “If I say I am interested in your adventures, would you spare a room?”

“You wanna, chop up some trees, and tangle yourself all up in a jungle mess?”

“If… if that is what’s necessary, I will.”

“Please. I am joking. Well, traveling around the world may be tiring, especially if you are doing it as a job. I don’t specifically have a plan yet, and you are sure you want to join me?”

“You dork. Is it a yes or no?”

“Yes, of course yes. I’ve never seen someone so engaged in my crazy old fantasies. None of those suckers there understand it. You’ve always been so supportive to me, I don’t even know how to thank you enough.”

“Well…. well… then, take me as your girlfriend.”


“I’m sorry?”

“What did you say?”

“Nope…. nothing.”

“I don’t think I misheard… Did you just say, you want to be my girlfriend?”


“Then I must have misheard then.”

Lorie’s face gets all tensed up, she blushes like the roses of March.

“I love you.”

“Wut… wut?” Lorie gets even more nervous.

“Sorry, I am just too damn passive. I’ve liked you for a long time. And you are really, one of those friends who truly understand me. Plus you are girl, that’s a plus.” I lash out an awkward smile, “I mean, I do do like you. I just… I am too afraid of rejections so I never really come up to you. But lucky me, such a lucky bastard I am, you are always there and you always come to me.”

Lorie comes up on me and suddenly hugs me with all her might, it’s like a little girl just met her first teddy bear.

“Road is long, baby girl. Are you sure about the ventures we’re gonna undertake?”

“As long as we are together, I don’t think there are problems you can’t solve and resources I can’t provide.”

“Love you, that’s the spirit.”

“Jonny, do you mind me taking a picture for us?”

“Sure, that’ll be very memorable. Maybe we can dig it up 5 or 6 years later.”

“Aww, you are such a romantic. Relationships are short-lived though, aren’t you a tiny bit afraid?”

“Not with this woman, not with you.”

Lorie comes up and kisses my face. A sound of shutter quickly follows. The picture of us happily together is now forever preserved in this timeless frame.

“Lorie, today is the big day. I think I am going to save.”

“Save? Like not partying with those guys there?”

“No, saving. As in saving and loading.”

“What are you even talking about John?” Lorie lashes out a big laughter like she usually does. Her sense of humor sometimes is just agitating.

“It’s like saving in the video games. But I save the day, this, specific day–August 23rd, 2002.”

“You are really confusing me John. Is this one of your adventure theories you haven’t told me about?”

“No Lorie, it’s a failsafe. In case any bad things happen in the future, I can rewind to this day and prevent them from happening.”

“Like time travel?”

“Yeah, kind of like that.”

“But how can you do that?”

“Well, it’s like a memory capsule. You need to store the information into certain objects, the date, the specific events and the specific actions you were doing. For example, if I am going to save this day. Our photo, is the perfect object for me to store all the information about this day, and this day before.”

“So the date, you just graduated, and you are taking a picture?”

“No. The date, I just had my first girlfriend, and we took a picture of her kissing me.”

Rolling up her eyes. “Well if you want a second kiss, I won’t hesitate.”

“Well I am just explaining. That’s why I am saying this is the big day. I need to save.”

“I mean, if you find some other girl in the future. Is it possible for you to rewind back to this day so that you can date me again?”

“That is… possible. You are not wrong. But why would I do that. I don’t regret dating you and I would try my best to keep this relationship alive as long as possible.”

“Hmmm. Doesn’t sound promising to me, John.”

“I will just lay it all out to you later. And you will know how to control this ability as well.”

“Hmmm, I like the idea of that.”


5 Years Later

I already broke up with Lorie, however, she’s the only person on this earth knows I can control time. And she’s mastered the ability as well as I taught her how to.

I had my concerns.

I never tried to reload. Because time should not be easily altered.

However, there have been suspicions that the woman was using the ability to obtain what she desired.

The 2008 stock market crash’s seen some people rise up quickly.

Although I could not know whether she had used the ability. But the timeline seems tricky.

By 2007, we were still just broke people with our ambitions of adventuring.

In 2009, the year we broke up, later on I found out she was entering some really high class casinos and bars.

What happened in between?

That boggles me.

Was she exploiting the ability I taught her? Did greed get the best out of her?

I specifically warned her about the possible disastrous effects time altering could bring, but did she listen to any of this?

Is she, a bad person?

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