National Anthems

USA–Sounds good but hard to sing.

Canada–Sounds Shakespeareish.

UK–Religious and monarchical, two pillars of the old world. Wonder why they still use this God Save the Queen even it’s outdated.

France–La Marseillaise, great melody great lyrics, really showcase the revolution behind the song and a reminder for French people to unite. I like it.

Germany–Surprise that the anthem was actually conducted before Nazi Germany and it has been used for almost a century. I think it sounds good.

New Zealand–Probably the best anthem I’ve ever listened to. Sounds really catchy. The first verse is in Maori and second in English, the Maori part is definitely better. Really native feeling.

Australia–It sounds like the typical anthem you will hear, but not quite satisfying.

Taiwam–Pretty Han. It is composed in traditional Chinese writing, it sounds really Chinese, really han.

Japan–Sounds good. I have no other words. Peaceful and good.

China–Our song was composed during the WW2 era, so it was a song inspiring soldiers and people to unite together and defeat common enemies. It shares the resemblances from La Marseillaise, or the typical revolutionary songs.

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