Modern Monogamy Disputes

“Polyamorous”? Polygamy in a blatant disguise. Rhetorics don’t make the concept any less immoral.

I understand society is changing. Old ideas and concepts are constantly being rebutted. And liberalism is seemingly taking place everywhere.

The traditional views of family, nation and personal rights are long gone with the left-leaning agenda growing ever strong.

We now have people disputing the righteousness of monogamy and stating that polygamy is good for human, and polygamy is natural.

Look at this person here.

News and articles spraying to tell the seeming truth, are completely not ashamed/aware of what they are propagating.

“Hey, old ideas of monogamy seems old. Old enough. Maybe we should change that! Liberation of desires! Isn’t it?”

The press even brought out “statistics” from some so-called “scientists”, to prove that, monogamy is not natural to human race. 

It seems like, to these scientists, we humans are mere monkeys who love to indulge in sexual activities and fuck as much as possible and reproduce, procreate and BREED.

We are nothing but animals, the sold purpose of our sex life, is to seek as many partners as possible, and mate. According to these scientists and journalists.

These ludicrous statements are just nihilism in disguise. Nihilism promotes indulgence, promotes debauchery. It is skeptical because the world is nonetheless without hope, thus we should live in extravagance and debauchery.

These left-leaning persons are challenging the traditional values.

However, the world is so splitting today, the traditional values is blurry and seemingly long lost. It is a question to one, how and where to draw a line?

What is the conservatism? What are the traditional values? How do you correctly represent them?

Variants, variants of all sorts, from conservatism and liberalism, they are derivatives after derivatives, so polygonal you have a hard time identifying which is which.

So we have these broken theories hidden inside these masses of ideologies. Something like this one, polygamy should be fine.

Western culture’s conservatism is so bombarded that sometimes I wonder whether they are lost? Can they still remember what true conservatism looks like? What traditional values impose on us and the good they bring us.

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