Not Quite Monogamy

So we have guy Palau. Palau has talked to you about every date of his life. And every time he tells you, he believes the person is the love of his life.

However, whenever a relationship ends, Palau gets hurt. But that doesn’t stop Palau assuming the next relationship not being a love of his life.

Is Palau monogamous?

If we assume every person, or let’s say–if in the beginning of every relationship, we assume this relationship will be the love of our life. Ending this relationship means we lose the love of our life. If start again, we have a new love of our life. This doesn’t stop.

So aren’t we polygamous? The exes are the loves of our life and the current one including the future one, are also the loves of our life.

If we just assume, people are the love of our life.

When a relationship ends, there is no love of anyone’s life. This notion of recognizing someone as the love of your life is unhealthy.

It may implicate hypocrisy, and indeed whoever believes in the love of the life theory is self-deceiving.

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