Pain Philosophy

I want to add something on Nietzsche’s pain theory.

There is a premise of Nietzsche’s pain theory, men are subjected to pain. Pain modifies men’s behaviors.

My premise is that men are inclined to pleasure.

Because men are inclined to pleasure, so they avoid pain. By avoiding pain, pleasing themselves becomes the subconscious motive behind most of their actions.

This also allures selfishness, which is how genuinely people work.

If we impose pain on somebody, he suffers from pain, either mentally, or physically. Later, he would try his best to avoid the pain.

We can impose some rule on the pain, to make the person remember, if breaking the rule, you will suffer the exact same pain you previously suffered before.

This helps shape people’s values and morals.

So a little bit of vice versa.

If we give somebody the pleasure he enjoys, he would want that same type of pleasure again.

On some degree, we are mere animated objects of our neurological systems.

If the pleasure comes with a certain rule, the person would obey it in order to receive the same type of pleasure he enjoyed previously.

We are limited by our senses. This theory stems from we are inhibited by our senses.

However, if one exerts himself, he is able to go beyond his senses. That is when these rules start to not apply.

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