The Modern Science

The modern subjects of science have quite a limited time of development.

Not until just a century ago, we have made substantial chemical and physical progresses.

20th century is truly a remarkable age, where scientists and theories flourished, whilst wars and conflicts went on rampaging.

We have just made some very recent discoveries.

However, all of these theories are new, and they are constantly being disproved.

There is, no absolute law in physics. The science of physics is basically to test out each presumptive theory’s practicability. Each every time of an experiment, is to reconfirm the theory’s correctness. However, whenever a “wrong” statistic pops out, that it can disprove the theory’s correctness, this evidence is able to overthrow all previous reconfirmations. This is the philosophy of physics, and the philosophy of ALL science.

The science spirit of our time, and for generations to come, should be determined, meticulous and doubtful.

Many theories are going to be overthrown in the coming years.

We humans are already standing on a pedestal that never once has any species come forth to. We are reaching something not originally meant for us. The nano-scopic world, the distance of milky, the cells of body……

None of these things were able to be fathomed by mere human brains before this mere 200 years of technological innovations.

For students, it is important for them to learn the state of the art knowledge from this quickly exploding information age. Knowledge from 30 years ago should be completely scratched, replaced by newer knowledge. Through this way, students can overthrow their understanding of matter, of science, of world.

We seem to be playing as God. However, rudimentary.

Yes, rudimentary.

This short time of technological innovations is just the beginning of homo sapiens prosperity.

Whilst media are trying their best to introduce science to general public, they fail to educate them. Western media have done a decent job on spreading scientific information, they are ahead of Chinese. However, this is far from enough. You need to turn information spreading into information educating. Make people truly understand the meanings of scientific discoveries and innovations, what they mean for our lives and world, and the future behind.

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