Suppose your senses are lying to you, which makes all of your perceptions none other than illusions.

If I am, in a simulation machine, which all of my senses are artificially simulated, the senses are so real I can’t tell whether I am in a simulation machine.

If I am indeed in a simulation machine, how come I never wake up once to know the real world? The hypothesis is that I live inside a simulation machine, the opposition is that I never wake up to know I live inside a simulation machine.

There is no evidence to tell whatsoever that I have lived inside a simulation machine.

Is it that my brain is physically robbed off the possibility of ever waking up, like a brain in the vat? Or that there have never been any errors in this meticulously made simulation, not a single error to awake the subject?

Is reality a hoax? Or is it true to our own senses?

Beyond our senses, we can’t tell much. Only through deduction, we may find things beyond the basic 5 senses. Abstract thinking, gives us leeway to senses couldn’t grasp.

I kept asking myself the question: “If the feelings are so real, and something, something seems to be there at the back of my head. Is that a sensation that tells me I am a simulation process? But how come I never wake up?

If I am in a simulation, does that mean my true self is just 9 years old? I have been living inside a dream all along?”

That sounds promising meanwhile escapist.

Also, the hoax could be that my thoughts are inside a parallel universe, as String Theory suggests, the unrealness come from there, but some how the thoughts adapt to this body of mine in a separate universe. Counterpart paradox.


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