There are two types of guard.

One is physical guard and two is mental guard.

When we are in an unfamiliar place, we tend to tense up our mental guard, in order to perceive potential threats and dangers.

Our physical guard, on the other hand, is based on our health, and overall, reflexes.

There are multiple ways to, familiarize yourself with a new environment, which ultimately leads to security, that lets your guard down.

There is this, “seems fine” mentality behind our mental guard. Whenever our mental guard is dropped, this notion pops out.

We ensure that our environment is safe, though not 100%, but enough to make us feel safe.

This mentality, in ways, eases yourself. I do believe it is a necessity for one to incorporate himself fairly well in a new environment, you have to have this “seems fine” mentality kicked in.

But, there is a big but. The “seems fine” mentality blurs our definition of possible danger.

For example, in a jungle, you are with a few of your team. The mentality is there because you are surrounded by companions, they make you feel safe.

However, you can’t simply let your guard down because you are rather safe with your companions.

You also need to be keen on vicinity abnormalities, take heed of symptoms of your teammates, and on top of that, stay sober.

The “seems fine” mentality does not have a consequence. It is a mere mental ease that aims at eliminating the consequence, also the fact that to believe you are safe. This security comes from, mostly, familiar things. Humans, objects, etc. It even comes from conformity, that everyone seems fine, then you must be fine.

In a dire situation, it is rather dangerous for one to blindly believe they are in a comfort state. When decisions have been made, you need to understand the possible consequences, and ramifications. This is not asking you to exhaust yourself, but rather to stay vigilant.

In urban life, this “seems fine” mentality can be found anywhere. And as a matter of fact, we are living a rather comfort life, for most of our time.

Unfamiliarity creates unease, and unease makes one guard up.

It is important, to understand your unease, where do they come from. And also, how the physical world is changing them.

We are mere neuron manipulation of our physical bodies. To an extent, it is the world, that is affecting us, and seldomly, are we lying to ourselves. We are majorly impacted by the physical world.

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