The Presumption of Freud Psychology

Fred’s psychology is what modern psychology vastly bases on.

However, there is a fundamental error in his whole theory of psychology.

For Freud, he thinks that many people are unfit for the category of normal.

What normal is perceived in his theory are people that seemingly function averagely.

Any, abnormality is considered an illness. And patients with such illnesses, should be treated with psychiatric therapies.

The presumption, of Freud psychology, is that everyone is un-normal, and everyone, should be treated with therapy in order to reach the, normalcy.  

As a matter of fact, no one is the same. Everyone is born with different mental agilities. Some have talents, some are dumb.

If what we meant, by curing a patient with mental illness, is to put him back into the normal category, that is none other than punishing the patient because he/she is different.

In theory, there is no good abnormality, only abnormalities need to be rectified.

Many people are born with different types of “abnormalities” that in one way benefit them and in another harm them, unconsciously.

The problem of Freud’s psychology is the presumption, the presumption that everyone is un-normal, and everything can be blamed on one’s psyche.

Because everyone is un-normal, thus we can blame many things that we are not very aware of on psychology. This is a perfect logic.

Imagine how easy would be for doctors to simply throw their patients in an asylum simply because they couldn’t find any problems?

“Hey, you are insane!” “Well I don’t see any problems, it must be you are crazy.”

The solution here, is rather to identify the “abnormalities”, and categorize them. And instead of putting them back on track, psychiatrists should help patients cope with their problems, offering better solutions, that do not eliminate their individualities.

Treating a mentally ill person as if he is not a normal person can only push him away more from your “normal” reality. Normalcy is relative. And treat someone as he is inside your circle can only make him come to sense that he should, behave in ways that most of you behave. To put people simply as “abnormal, mad, crazy, strange” does not help at all in actually closing the distance between these special people and common people.

People, are different. Congenitally different. And people also have very different struggles.

Some people’s minds are congenitally fragile, and somehow, it only takes one bad day, to turn him into a mad man.

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