The Current Internet State of China

Bloomberg reported last year that in 2018 China is going to ban all VPN services in order to prohibit netizens access outside network.

It is said that the ban is already in effect, which happened in March, this year.

From news sources, it is said the government has already banned all unauthorized VPN services. If, this is true, netizens would have much trouble connecting to the outside world.

But I haven’t experienced any trouble connecting to my VPN service, but it might be the case that my VPN is the most efficient and the priciest you can find in China.

Plus, there isn’t any news reporting what exact unauthorized services are banned in China. So, does it really affect the netizens?

What’s known is that obviously VPNs are taken down from App Store. And some foreign apps are newly added into the ban list, like WhatsApp.

But it is also a fact that corporations and companies can rent special lines from Telecoms to direct connect to outside network without the trouble of circumventing the Great Firewall. In this case, there is a strange connotation about the attitude of Chinese government.

Why are they biased towards foreign companies and corporations in general? This March 21st ban is apparently targeting the public, but why? Why the ban is not full throttled, but partially? And always partially?

It makes no sense that there are a certain amount of people can access the outside web but the rest can’t. Is it implying that the government regards the public as inferior and not worthy enough to use the outside web?

That makes no sense as well. If a government is controlling its subjects, how is benefiting foreign forces ever good for its own domestic growth?

There must be, a reason behind this, something that makes sense.

The government wants control. 

The ideology of Chinese government is control. You can have something here, as long as it is controllable.

By eliminating all the unauthorized VPN services, the government gains control over the ones they put monitors on.

There are some fishy activities in China however the general public seem to not notice at all. For example, the ShadowSocks service was shut down in Shenzhen a year ago, allegedly anyone who used it had gotten into tea time with police–interrogation from police. But who was in there and what was actually shut down, no one knows.

The VPN ban does not seem to impact the mass heavily, or at least, the cat and mouse game is yet another success by tech companies who provide VPN services.

The government can not fully ban VPN as foreign companies and academic institutions need it.

What am I wondering about, is the peculiar attitude from government.

Why are they so insisting on banning information from public? The answer is clear, instability, chaos even rebellions from the public.

But why? In western countries, as far as information being as transparent as enough, people don’t seem to aggravate their country by means of instability. Marches and demonstrations are regular but riots are few. However, they don’t seem to provoke too much of a fuss.

Does it relate to our population being not peaceful and too violent to do all the above activities?

There were “activities” before. Like the 1989 June 4th event, it was chaos at the end.

Singapore imposes many laws on frivolous behaviors. Singapore consists of mostly Chinese descendants.

Does it mean that, as Chinese, it is only possible to achieve orders by imposing as many laws as possible, and to regulate every action of a citizen?

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