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Privacy, is the basic respect towards individualism. You want, a space, where you, can be safe with yourself, knowing no one can step inside the zone.

The US is said to assimilate everything foreign, but the actual American Culture is everywhere. You don’t need to assimilate anyone, they know what it means to be an American.

If we look back 100 years from now, things seemed pretty rough and screwed up. We are having a rather better off life than before, discrimination seems to drop, but the real question is, are we still facing unfairness?

Things are changing, due to media exposure, we might not see such tremendous change of minds if we are not accompanied by advanced technologies. Words are such a power tool to alter people’s mindsets.

Humanity shines because of individualism. But individualism also boosts divisions. Unity is the other shining part of humanity. It is formed by chipping individualism.

Over the years I have seen tremendous changes of physical world, however, the minds of people don’t change.

The material world definitely changes things. But people don’t like truths don’t they? The same people being sodding sorry folks ten years ago are still sodding sorry folks. The same people being obnoxious and disgusting ten years ago are still obnoxious and disgusting.

New faces pop up, but not new minds. These new faces equipped with new materials don’t surprise you as the new minds, but sorry old ideas. They apparently don’t know how to utilize the new materials at all, but don’t they care.

You are not recognized if you do not comply with rusty social codes. A traditional high profile means good education, good income and good characters. Although it is tried by many new comers of generation to achieve such goals, nonetheless they are not radical enough to prove a certain point.

Apparently we can not see capabilities by flesh eyes. We identify people with these rusty old rules of socializing.

As individualism moves forward with more vocal support, the radical divergence is going to create more gaps between humanity.

You might as well just buy golds in order to not depreciate your balance. Gold is seen as the ultimate instrument of commerce for thousands of years. Your money in your bank does not depreciate however not appreciate either, the interest rate there is keeping it from devaluing only. The smart way to place your money, in order to keep its purchase power, is to buy appreciating objects. Such as real estates, gold, silver and other tested hardly depreciating investments.

Our market is bombarded by dumb people every day resulting the money overall is susceptible towards inflation and other mistreatments, so it depreciates with time.

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