Independence, Patriarchy and Society

Patriarchy stems from male independence, an indivisible relationship.

In society, what does independence consist of?

  • Physical independence: Physical independence is sheer force, sheer physical power. The stronger your body is, the more power you can amass in order to assert rules over others.
  • Wealth independence: Wealth independence is free from poverty, free from lack of materials. Or very much a resource gatherer. The resources boost your other independences.
  • Love independence: Be able to stand on your toes and free to choose partners. One is able to have choices, and in no lack of love from others. One is cherished, with a stable/level mind.
  • Socioeconomic independence: A modern term combined with previous two independences, plus a social repute. Free from opinions, free from bad words, free from bad/lower social rungs that linger at higher social rungs.
  • Wisdom independence: Being agile in mind fields, one is able to solve problems. And scale himself at a vantage point in order to outmaneuver others.

One shall keep himself safe from harm. One shall feed himself enough to survive. One shall have partners yet not clinging on them. One shall be respectable. One shall have set of skills to outmaneuver others.

All these things can be achieved by men, and men alone. Women certainly have a hard time on achieving all these independences all by “herselves”.

In the Stone Age, survival was necessary for everyone. And in solitary situations, men had a much higher chance of survival than women, because of sheer physical strength and survival agility. This made women belongings to men for protection, because of the inablity to establish physical independence for themselves alone, whereas men could.

Into the civilized age, wealth slowly became yet another symbol for independence. Men are skilled at creating wealth, whether it’s valuable things, or wealth from wealth. Women linger at the extravagance men can bring them, they are slaves of their very own indulgent nature.

Men can also command other expendable men to achieve uniformity, and thus expand one’s original physical independence and wealth independence, for the sake of absorbing more strength, and wealth, and become more powerful.

Men are biologically independent, they can have multiple partners, yet they don’t need to worry for their own physical health, contrary to the biological burdens with which women need to bear.

Men are also more skillful than women in many fields, with practice and exertion, men achieve far more greater achievements than women do.

Why women are possessions of men? Because men are truly independent, they make themselves independent. Independent of outside harm; independent of poverty; being independent enough to enjoy their own; and independent of social life; independent of love interests; independent of poor decisions.

What does one single man consist of? It seems much more fit for men than women. If you see a man, it is always a man. If you see a woman, it’s likely she is related to some other people. Men can be alone, while women can’t. Men can leave all of his past life behind, women can’t.

Independence, is the crucial transformation from a child to an adult.

Women are children, they have always been children, dependant on their parents. A child lingers at his/her parents’ cuddle, lives under their wings.

Once should you achieve independence, you shall have the advantages men have had for thousands of years, which patriarchy gives. Patriarchy empowers independence, independence empowers patriarchy. Patriarchy is not a sexually discriminated system, it’s a blood and lust, pure and sheer brute force system. Whenever one achieves such feats, one achieves independence of his/her own, no matter of gender.

You win by assert your rules upon others. Not through consent, but easy simple force. The force can be anything, however said force is pervasive throughout organisms on Earth.

The physical force is only just the beginning.

If one understands how to amass force for himself, he achieves independence, the more force he’s gathered, the more independent he is.

Dependent of no one, independent of everyone.

Independence is not a fascinating word, not a fascinating concept, however THE crucial trait for one to survive.

You can be a poet writing poems, but for survival? You need to be independent first. This is the primal reason why women are seemed as belongings of men, and men seem to dominate in almost any field, assuming power and control.

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