Individuality and Impression, How We Remember People

We remember people by multiple signs and signals.

To know someone, it is not only from the person’s apperance, but also many other elements that relate to this very individual. This is what we called, individuality.

Though most of the time someone remembers a person by his/her face, the overall appearance.

However, when you pick up the phone, the voice from the other side let you know instantly who this person is if the caller is one of your friends.

If you close your eyes and not hear anything, you can still who is your mom and your dad by the touch of them.

To be frank, you will know your girlfriend instantly without even touching, seeing or hearing. You can know this person simply by standing beside her.

I believe, there are biological signals we recall when we contact with someone that makes an impression, which makes you memorize the person. And also physical signs that draw an overall picture of somebody.

I can’t remember what was the last time I visited a restaurant opened in my local area. With clean dress, a quiff haircut, round eyeglasses, and alone, I sat there for a rather quick afternoon ramen meal. I couldn’t tell what were the signs that explicitly stated myself as a rather specific individual, but the waitress clearly remembers me the second time I visit.

Which sort of intrigues me, because the second time I visited, my look was completely different. I was with a clean short haircut, no eyeglasses, and different dress from the last time, but the waitress still remembers me somehow. Along so many customers she needs to serve everyday, I can’t say I am so much different from the others. However, she still remembers me, why?

I even asked her about the reasons why she remembers me. She told me she has troubles remembering faces, somehow, she remembers me. Was it due to the conversation I made with her during last time? Or that something is rather different from me than others?

Thus a conclusion is drawn over this rather intriguing experience. We remember people not only by physical signs, but many more subtle things, biologically and socially.

Biologically, I believe there is pheromone played in the field, also one’s aura. If you are physically fit, you emit these biological substances with very different amount, and quality than other people do.

And it might be an effort of your nose. These things are emitted as some sort of scent into the atmosphere around the person, which paint a much different picture for this person than the majority.

For example, you can “feel”, or sense, the strength from a body builder, by not touching him or hearing him, just seeing and sensing him. And you can also tell whether an ill person is going to die in a hospital, because you can’t even feel a tiny drop of chi from the person at all.

Socially, the way you talk, you react, are signs that people would pick up, which ultimately, make an impression on others’ brains. Some people talk in a rather elegant fashion, some people talk vulgarly. These special, yet strong, characteristics paint stereotypes in our brains. Or one specific image of the specific person. Makes him or her, memorable.

All of these things are what make of individualities, the most crucial traits of one person being his/her very own self, and standing out from the rest of population.

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