Cancer is more of a mutation to the body. Most cancers relate to patients’ DNA structures. And unlike external invasion, cancer is self-procured. Diseases can be divided into two main categories, external pathogens or auto-diseases. The pathology of cancer is the unlimited and uncontrollable cell division of a certain type of cells. And cancers occur usually in late stage of a human’s life. Old people have a higher chance of getting cancer than young people. However, young people can also get cancers due to DNA mutations. And the fact that globally, the cancer rate is increasing, has to do with the modern lifestyles; the amount of radiations we are exposed to; and more and more DNA diversity. The existence of incurable diseases is regarded as deterrents towards unhealthy lifestyle and excessive indulgence. Through years, we have utilized technologies to prolong our life-span, increasing the survivability of human race. With almost a surplus of human population on this planet, humans are still striving to beat these incurable diseases. Cancer seems to be a much radical stopping sign than what it was 100 years ago, when people died due to numerous rather natural causes–war, famine, insanitary conditions and the medical technology was definitely not as advanced as today’s. People generally died at a young age. If entered a war, one could easily reduce his life-span to around 30 years. This progress of prolonging human life has definitely met its rival–cancer, and much commoner than ever before. It brings out the ultimate question: Do we have a need to cure cancer? To be frank, even if you think medical technology is as advanced as possible today, we still have quite a number of incurable diseases. Cancer being one of them, also one of the major ones. If we conquered cancer, there is really nothing stopping humans from aging and reproducing. Maybe disease is not a natural way of dying, since human illness is never a normality. You get into the hospital to get fixed, because you are out of bounds for a while. Having cancer is a suffering. And if we’d use a rather smoother way of dying, the one that you don’t suffer, I guess people may be more happier than die from suffering diseases. We are making medical advances in order to end sufferings, even at the thought of meeting more of it in the coming days.

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