To Make a Friend

Break Down the Person into an Individual

The art of making a friend means to know a person.

To break down the process of making a friend, it is the mere process of breaking down person to an individual.

Like many other people among us, people don’t seem to have characteristics. They are statistics, numbers, stereotypes, that don’t matter.

You can discover your friends through a crowd instantly is because your friends stand out from others. They are not faceless. They are somebody.

A friend is someone who matters, who matters to you.

A social butterfly has many friends, the process of having these many friends is to know every one of them.

I find making a friend being a process of knowing the actual person. The person beneath the flesh and skin he or she presents to others.

You make acquaintances by repetition, but you make friends by entering other people’s realms, to push away the repetition that person put up with everyone else.

To know what this person really is, what is her struggles? What does she like? What does she usually do? And what makes her laugh?

There are so many questions about one single individual that make this very own individual.

To make a friend is to discover these very personal characteristics of that person, and to share yours with them.

Sometimes, it may even be vulnerabilities.


Trust plays a role of whether the friendship would sustain. And trust is a crucial indicator of the worthiness of a friend.

You can only make a friend by trusting them.

Usually the trust is based on mutual trust, one sided trust usually ends up with terrible consequences. However, people give trust on a different level.

Due to the rather loose and lax environment of common life, people give trust very freely.

People with trust issues, like me, or people simply live inside a rather hostile environment, would scarcely give out their trust.

This level of giving depends on the person’s capability of accepting others’ kindness, and his security.

A Friend Matters

A friend matters. He or she matters to you, and you matter to them.

Friends achieve this level of intimacy by sharing time with each other, simultaneously increase the dopamine levels in brain.

Generally you care about your friends, and so do your friends.

Social Media

Modern day socializing involves heavy social media mingling. To make a friend means to have each other’s social media accounts.

Basic Courtesy

Friends greet each other when they meet, and they also bid farewell when they part. The courtesy becomes complex in order to distinguish from day to day acquaintance meetings.


The principles are universal in making a friend. No matter location or time.

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