Terraforming Mars?

In what ways can you terraform Mars?

The atmosphere composition of Mars is 95% CO2 and 5% N2. In this way, you can’t simply plant trees on it in hope of them miraculously producing oxygen. Because they will all die with no O2 at all. Elon Musk is preparing to send people onto Mars. The best possible option we can now make, yet still very very challenging, is to make a remote station there with enclosed protective shell. And we have to bring tons of oxygen and pump them periodically inside the station in order for every living thing in there to stay alive. ...READ MORE

The Wanting Itself Is Attractive

Real world has all types of temptations, money, power, women and fame.

To ordinary people, these things are always desirable.

However, it’s the wanting itself being attractive, not the objects being inherently attractive.

We realize our values onto things we want, thus they are attractive.

Money, power, women and fame, are all heavily valued by most people.

When one object gets much value, it becomes desirable. ...READ MORE

Women Women Vulnerable and Intelligent

Women don’t think, man, women don’t think.

They are vulnerable to fancy words, weak to golden accessories, blinded by public opinions of them.

I like the words in Just the Way You Are. “You are so amazing, just the way you are.” Without fancy makeup, fancy rings and golden wrists.

Real world asserts its deception and violence onto these susceptible women, they are always scared enough to submit at the moment. ...READ MORE

Galactic Armament Race, Am I Right? – Stellaris

Ima tell a long story, a story about a ga_laxy.

A galaxy full of stars, and they result in Stel_laris.

First you have a gigantic map, and you are pretty perplexed.

Where am I, who am I, what do I do?

As if you have answers.

But this time, it is all different. It is pretty apparent, Paradox has finally ditched baffling system and makes it transparent. A good tutorial section. 

From diplomacy to resources, battleships to cruisers. You can wage war and you can deplore (empires). ...READ MORE

Sick of Photoshop

I am sick and tired of photoshop, like the fakery I just posted in my last wrap-up. All women with their fancy makeup, try to be the best product, of the best makeup, slaves of the industrial era.

All the women please listen up, you are beautiful as you are.

Men in industry try to deceive, deceive the women to make ’em believe: Only the best makeup, of best products, can match you up, as you are flawless with no par. ...READ MORE


Able men are humble.

If brute force pervades savage world, then lies are the currency of civilized society.

If one can lie and cheat to his way, why in the world would one use brute force? A much costlier and harder method of dealing with things.

Lies don’t cost anything. You only need to present a falsified reality with a set of rhetorical words, to deceive, and to cheat.

I find that weak people always seek ways to pretend themselves as the strong. Out of sheer self-protection? Or vanity? ...READ MORE

Hard Power and Soft Power

The concept of power is essentially a means of control in civic area.

Power, as it usually manifests, is divided into two categories. Hard power, and soft power.

Hard power, is by utilizing oppression and physical forces in order to make others do as you say.

Soft power, on the other hand, is usually agreements. Unlike hard power being mostly oppression, soft power utilizes general consent.

The nuanced difference is that, you may find a second way and circumvent the soft power imposed on you. However, you can’t find any other way than obey to the hard power imposed on you. ...READ MORE