The Very Same Evil

When you had high hopes of life, being optimistic, people bashed you down because you were not realistic.

When you are realistic, and selfish, people criticize you for being arrogant and greedy because you don’t see goods in people.

The idea of not eliminating the child inside a mother’s womb, is the idea of expectations, the hope that the child may become something greater. No matter the form. You wouldn’t call your child a fetus even if it’s just 2 weeks old. That is still your child, and you want it to grow.

People accuse that, for being unreasonable–you are too optimistic, nothing like that happens.

So when you think, well, maybe a fetus is a fetus, a fetus is like bodily waste.

Then the very same people come out again, and accuse you of being contemptuous towards life, you should not have that thought!

What is this? Is this a joke?

Apparently you can’t please everyone, every single person has his/her very own thoughts. But they are mindless at the same time.

Real life is a mess. You can’t be too optimistic, nor too pessimistic. Better stay in the middle, be average, be faceless.

This feels really wrong by the way.

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