Able men are humble.

If brute force pervades savage world, then lies are the currency of civilized society.

If one can lie and cheat to his way, why in the world would one use brute force? A much costlier and harder method of dealing with things.

Lies don’t cost anything. You only need to present a falsified reality with a set of rhetorical words, to deceive, and to cheat.

I find that weak people always seek ways to pretend themselves as the strong. Out of sheer self-protection? Or vanity?

Is dignity interpreted wrong in these people’s minds? So they take much pride in themselves they want to pretend they have what they don’t?

The abler you are, the humbler you’ll be. 

Be honest.

True that I am a little perplexed by the new world’s fanciness, so much lies and fakery, so much time wasted and heart damaged.

I don’t even have time to look back and new shells bomb on me. New lies, new fakery.

And these weak people try to drag and drown me, with their defects of humanity.

Standing upright, walking uptight, I want to be who I am without the backlash of my soul fire.

Weak people trash on these virtues of humanity, view them as enemies.

I want peace, I come to peace with myself, but nobody leaves a space for me.

So much lies, so much fakery.

Humility goes with one’s capabilities. 

That dead woman was a perfect example of fakery, cheated and lied to her way, I was totally blinded.

It was not until that time I found myself already in this forged reality, so-called civilized society.

The word “fakery” has become so frequent in my articles, I can’t remember how much time I rewrote the word and conveyed it in another tone. Sooner these ideas are just particles that form my universe and my arsenal.

So fuck people who don’t know the name of humble, and bend them enough, and bring them down, lest some troubles.

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