Sick of Photoshop

I am sick and tired of photoshop, like the fakery I just posted in my last wrap-up. All women with their fancy makeup, try to be the best product, of the best makeup, slaves of the industrial era.

All the women please listen up, you are beautiful as you are.

Men in industry try to deceive, deceive the women to make ’em believe: Only the best makeup, of best products, can match you up, as you are flawless with no par.

But if one is already flawless, how does she need any of these products?

These fragile yet beautiful flowers, submit to the power, of industrial hours.

Without these companies, I am sure they would still be accompanied, just men with their own fantasies, force ’em onto our beautiful ladies/suffragettes.

I want to see a human, behind that fancy photo, a soul, underneath that polished skin.

Don’t you lie to me, I’ll know. Don’t you cheat on me, I’ll know.

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