Galactic Armament Race, Am I Right? – Stellaris

Ima tell a long story, a story about a ga_laxy.

A galaxy full of stars, and they result in Stel_laris.

First you have a gigantic map, and you are pretty perplexed.

Where am I, who am I, what do I do?

As if you have answers.

But this time, it is all different. It is pretty apparent, Paradox has finally ditched baffling system and makes it transparent. A good tutorial section. 

From diplomacy to resources, battleships to cruisers. You can wage war and you can deplore (empires).

Make a federation, let everyone join the celebration, inside the constellation, push other empires to alienation, IDEOLOGICAL NATIONS. Get it?

So you have a coup d’état, unrest high enough, you wanna make some armies and send ’em a coup de grâce, it’s ultimately an armament rush.

Let’s talk about ideologies, they are the governing ethics, really something.

You can be a pacifist, no war 10 years and it makes your faction the happiest. You can also be a militarist, wage war around the galaxy like no one before, becomes a fanatic, so pacifist no more.

If you want to wage war, you need a casus belli, an alibi, good enough to turn tides.

Wait, that’s not enough. Alien scums don’t give a shit. What casus belli? I want allies.

That’s why you need an alliance, a good enough alliance to make a federation. And that’s 50% of victory goal for you.

The ultimate goal of this galaxy is to own the most habitable planets. But it depends on species, but if you have Nivlac, well, everywhere is habitable. Blayt.

To determine whether to be a human superiority, or empire-wide hegemony, is completely up to you to decide.

These ideas push to ultimate victory, either you dominate the most, or your federation dominates the most, or you dominate them all.

Not quite sure why the Federation Victory was not achieved, as I had formed a federation and owned enough planets.
World at peace.
World at war.
The Real Review

The game is like any other Paradox games, it can take you days to finish, or not. But I believe they have polished this game better. All of the updates are a giant QA session.

The battle looks much nicer than before, not just stupid simple animations that are completely skippable.

A good tip on resource competition in early game is to have as much colonies as possible, fill the galaxy up. And it takes a lot of influence to do that, but once you know the location of a new empire, you want to make a decisive border as soon as possible. A border that he can not pass if both of you close borders to each other.

Usually it’s a fork like hyperlane intersection, you want to make an outpost there, so that becomes within your border.

And colonies mean more resources to distribute, the empire thrives on colonies. Somehow I understand why British Empire was so strong back then even their homeland was small.

You need to colonize actual planets, which means habitable planets. Habitability determines your pop happiness, higher habitability higher happiness and more resource output.

So planets that are not your dominant species’ forte should be ignored at first, and focus on sending pops to possible habitable ones.

And once you have drawn a rather big scattered colonized map, you know it is you who takes the most resources than any other empires within the same galaxy.

I find ring shape galaxy is much better than elliptic galaxy. A ring is easier to navigate, you will have a clearer picture of other empires’ whereabouts once you sent out 3 or 4 science ships.


It’s a pretty fun game, like many other RTS games, it’s can be really long. Plus I’m in Ironman mode, so it can definitely take longer, and plus if you play a bigger map, I presume that would take at least a week to finish.  😆

I give it a 7/10 as it has been much better than other Paradox games.

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