Women Women Vulnerable and Intelligent

Women don’t think, man, women don’t think.

They are vulnerable to fancy words, weak to golden accessories, blinded by public opinions of them.

I like the words in Just the Way You Are. “You are so amazing, just the way you are.” Without fancy makeup, fancy rings and golden wrists.

Real world asserts its deception and violence onto these susceptible women, they are always scared enough to submit at the moment.

Hardly can you find any intelligent women. And please, if you do meet them, well treat them, they are precious enough to well keep ’em.

Lovely women, vulnerable towards fake moments.

Those glories you dream are fantasies you’re in. People build up these hypes around you, so you can have more pride inside you, except you are not when you can not produce.

Actually, the real world is harsh enough. Everybody is trash enough. I can’t think of the scenario where you are all alone and can’t beat this fuss.

Women women, like mirrors and vases. Decorative usage, not really practic(al).

As far as I’d mention it, 70% of women are submissive.

Trash people can find partners and so do you my young little nerdy brother.

Women are out there for mating reasons, but I really want you to not head into that direction.

When you find someone valuable enough, you should treat them with respect and heart.

Don’t stereotype people, because one person is an individual. She is not a woman, not a worker, not a mother, and not a stranger, but a soul of kindred.

These stereotypical images are out there to trick people, although they are somehow infallible, because son, you will know it when you experience it.

But still, you should have a right way to deconstruct problems and scenes. Protect yourself and be honorable and respectable.

Women women, they are vulnerable, except a few, intelligent ones.

Actually, I wanna make a gospel, a gospel about feminine and its benevolence.

I do pity the fools that simply sell their souls in order for some food. But you should have your dignity, as it is one hell of precious feat.

Women also enjoy lying, when they can not achieve anything, they lie through it. Don’t be fooled by their fancy lies, just like the ones you told them at bedside.

Son, you need to be honest, and upright.

By upright, I mean to stand upright, like what a man should be.

Now, I wanna talk about these 70% of women who are submissive.

They don’t have much thoughts, they are vulnerable, they are sheep that you can push around and take away.

So sometimes, it does require some force to get what you want. As a matter of fact, that’s how 80% our world functions right now.

Women are like trophies, even though I hate to say it. And I don’t want to generalize it.

But these 70% of women, are just goods sometimes for you to take ’em.

Because, well, men have independence.

I am definitely looking like a misogynist right now, I don’t want to be, but apparently, the world forces me to be.

Much as I want to accomplish my egalitarian state of reality, but that requires two people in harmony.

Your partner needs to be on the same level of your ingenuity, so that she won’t ruin shit because she doesn’t have the brain cells to understand it.

When you are an adult, act like an adult, not the type of adults you see on the street, not the type of adults you see from your grandparents as you never really need.

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