The Wanting Itself Is Attractive

Real world has all types of temptations, money, power, women and fame.

To ordinary people, these things are always desirable.

However, it’s the wanting itself being attractive, not the objects being inherently attractive.

We realize our values onto things we want, thus they are attractive.

Money, power, women and fame, are all heavily valued by most people.

When one object gets much value, it becomes desirable.

But what keeps you wanting this object is not the object itself, but the very thought of you wanting this object.

Your thought makes this object valuable to you, and attractive to you.

Our consciousness is based on our personal reflections to the world. Our values are reflected when we assert our wants onto things.

Thing itself is not desirable, the human heart is desiring.

So when you stop saying, or stop thinking, “I want this”, the thing stops being attractive anymore.

When one thing is valued by most people, it automatically becomes universally valuable. However, this doesn’t stop one devaluing one thing, and not stop one neglecting one thing.

This sort of peer pressure of values is what makes us all want the exact same things, money, power, women and fame.

This process of wanting is intoxicating, it moves mountains, it drives people’s wills.

Like when you want to have sex with a woman. Before you have physical contact with the woman, you have all sorts of fantasies and wants asserted onto this woman. When you actually lay physical contact on her, you find out that all your wants are somewhat skewed, you don’t want this woman, you want your wants to be fulfilled.

Another example: You are rich, and you want to buy a supercar. The supercar itself is a status add-on to you, not the supercar itself. You want it because you want it. Not because how much utility the car can produce you, or how much value the car can generate. The car is given value by being a status symbol, not actually the car is in any other way useful.

So I think, the moral of the story is that when you want something, it is necessary to understand why you want it. Because the remainder of you striving for it is the very process of you fulfilling your desires, and these desires have to be clear. Otherwise the thing is not valuable enough to give it that much work.

Also, other people’s wants are not your wants. You need to figure out your own wants.

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