Terraforming Mars?

In what ways can you terraform Mars?

The atmosphere composition of Mars is 95% CO2 and 5% N2. In this way, you can’t simply plant trees on it in hope of them miraculously producing oxygen. Because they will all die with no O2 at all. Elon Musk is preparing to send people onto Mars. The best possible option we can now make, yet still very very challenging, is to make a remote station there with enclosed protective shell. And we have to bring tons of oxygen and pump them periodically inside the station in order for every living thing in there to stay alive.

Can we cultivate a habitable station is yet another unknown. Can the soil on Mars grow plants, at all? Are they dry? Or completely out of minerals? Plus, you can bring some Earth soil to feel homesick and maybe try to cultivate on it. But the atmosphere pressure, due to different gravity, and different composition would be much more different from Earth. Can plants be grown in this situation? We may can create a similar pressure like ours on Earth in the station if we can accurately tuning the proportions.

And the future also is likely to stay stagnant for a very long time since terraforming the whole planet takes too much resources and time. A station, and more stations will be there if we can send men on Mars. But to transform the planet into a completely habitable greenland is really beyond current reach.

There’s another problem we need to consider when terraforming Mars. The resources we pump into Mars come directly from Earth and there is no other way we can extract resources on other planets.

The amount of resources we pump into Mars meaning the amount of resources we lose on Earth.

Most minerals are not renewable, at least in a short time. The renewable resources like trees and air if go beyond their rate of regeneration, they also will be depleted.

To terraform Mars is definitely not a national concern, but a species’ concern. It will take all the humans on Earth in order to complete this great feat.

Earth is truly a gift, 1 in a billion, well tens of thousands billions frankly.

In case you didn’t know, human civilization is still very primitive since there isn’t a unity as a species, but homo homini lupus countries divided.

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