Toby, the Guy from Germany

Toby is my next door tenant in this 2 week airbnb.

We went out yesterday and I had a quite good bonding with him as our values are very similar.

Toby came to Canada for one reason, freedom.

He talked to me about the German social issues there as they seem to have really high tax rate.

He said it is somewhere around half of the earning.

I was kind of shocked.

The German government takes half of what people earn? That makes no sense to me. ...READ MORE

The Niceness here in Vancouver

At night you meet a lot of beggars. Even the beggars here are nice?

I heard that ever since Chinese got rich, beggars in the States would learn Chinese and beg from the Chinese tourists.

Yeah I met that too last night. A woman, probably Vietnamese or some thing, definitely not Chinese. She spoke some ok Chinese but with accent, you will instantly this person is not a native Chinese speaker. But she asked me for feeding her some pizza or some stuff, yeah, buy her a pizza. Eh, I declined, coz I am poor as hell as well. ...READ MORE

Multiculturalism in Vancouver

As a giant immigrant city, Vancouver has all sorts of colors between its streets and alleys.

What is celebrated here in Canada, and people proud of, is this sense of harmony between people from different cultures.

You can see an Indian dude working in a Chinese supermarket smiling at its Chinese colleagues; some Iranian guys working in the immigration customs; some random Asian woman with a bad accent providing help for new comers and some white woman with probably East Europe background selling sim cards for whomever in need. ...READ MORE

The Immigration Dichotomy

Immigrants are usually a scene of prosperity of a country.

People far from their homes come to a country where mostly, they are alien to.

I ate a bowl of ramen in Fuku’s Ramen last night. Initially, I thought it was a ramen shop opened by Japanese, because, ramen are Japanese cuisine right? But it was actually a ramen shop operated by Koreans. The waitress is Korean, the chef is also Korean.

It reminded me of something. What surrounds the ramen shop are a dozen of Chinese stores opened by Chinese. ...READ MORE

The Perfect Meritocracy?

Earlier in time I wrote about how to create an ideal meritocracy system, a society where inheritance system is eliminated, people are rewarded as what they are capable of and… And I stopped there, I couldn’t figure out the rest of it–How do you even eliminate inheritance system first? In order to achieve equality for all?

But… could communism be the perfect meritocracy model for everyone? ...READ MORE

Who’s Double-Crossing Whom? | Atomic Blonde Review

There are so much double-crossing……

Atomic Blonde is this Cold War spy thriller filled with 80s vibes–neons, boomboxes, motorcycles, hippies and East German street gangs who do b-boy all day.

The Berlin Wall was taken down on November 9, 1989. The film starts in November, 1989 in Berlin. Assume the inception is on November 1, 1989, the whole film is a record of the approximate 2 weeks operation set around the takedown of Berlin Wall. ...READ MORE

Wonder Woman Is a God?

Basically all DC heroes are more or less inhuman, most of them are completely other beings that humans can not relate to.

You got Superman, which is technically an alien, Kryptonian. You got Green Lantern, some galaxy guardian type of organization, yet again, aliens. You got Aquaman, which lives under water, hailed as the king of sea, again, not human. You finally got Wonder Woman, which is basically a god, again, not human. ...READ MORE