Our Fear and Our Defensive Mechanism

There are many things we fear in real life.

Many things can act as triggers in this extremely dynamic environment of ours to induce fear, and horror.

We fear, because we think. The more we think, the more fear it is instilled in us.

The natural fear, is the fear of death. It’s an animal instinct, a cell call of life. This living organism doesn’t want to die mentality.

We fear because we think we might be destroyed.

Like preys to predators. When you are alone in the darkness, there is a predator that is slowly approaching, waiting for the right moment to have a clean termination of your life. The process can be swift, can be torturing as well.

Recently I just discovered the Anti-Social Personality Disorder is this disorder where one completely loses his ability to feel emotions. It means the person loses emotions forever.

The notion of emotionless is creepy, and scary. Because as humans, or any other animals on earth, to feel is the basic way of us communicating and interacting with the world.

We feel many things frankly. Not just fear, there are also passion, sorrow, happiness and bitterness, many, many things that construct our basic sense of sentient beings.

Why losing emotions seems so terrifying and creepy, comes from the type of people become a different species than us, at least, mentally. Or a different species from all organisms on Earth.

Without feelings, there is horror.

But, I also find that necessary to see the motives behind these people’s actions. And what powers their actions? Through rationality? Or through dissection of human hearts?

What do they want? And what is the method they use to achieve what they want?

By answering these questions, we can see how dangerous or not these people are.

But I digress, fear, is a way of knowing pain, a way of knowing prominent pain.

To prevent yourself from harm, we have this defensive mechanism that tells us when to duck down, so that we can further protect ourselves.

However, not all harm comes directly.

Many harms come in the ways unsuspecting and confusing, indirect and long-term. Many times, we can not spot a danger straight from its surface, we have to dig deeper in order to unveil its true nature.

This confusion and suspicion can make human minds go haywire. That’s how paranoia was born.

The unstable mental state introduces greater fear in human minds, one simply can’t not drop what you are doing, or leave the dangerous environment, in order to regain security.

Instability bears chaos. And chaos is confusion–confusion to the unknown. This unknown could be dangerous, your suspicion spirals, and it gives way to even greater fear. In other words, it’s fucking with your brain. The more brain activities, the more fear you have. Like a balloon constantly being pumped, with different types of gases, it’s going to explode, once the shell can not hold them.

That is what I call, a mental breakdown.

This uncomfortableness is this confusing fear. Confusing fear is unlike direct fear, where you know, what you are getting, and you know what is coming for you.

The fear to unknown is also a basic human trait, we relate many things to the unknown, because we try to understand it, however we can’t. So we assume. And assumptions don’t always add up, and they don’t really represent the truth.

The unknown can be good, also can be bad.

But assumption is necessary. That’s how we assess dangers. We rely on memories of familiar dangers to assess situations, and that’s how we take our first step. And frankly, even though it’s a probability game, we always seem to hold the better odds because we assume.

Without any assumption and dive straight into the unknown, is suicidal.

We leave knowledge for our offspring in order for them to understand the things we already know, and things we don’t know, in hope of them cracking up the mysteries sealed in previous generations.

Onwards, to knowledge.

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