Sex Industry

The porn industry can be one of the major contributors to an economy.

Porn industry in the US alone amounts to $20 billion around in 2016, and in 2001, it was $10 billion. The economy is growing, so does the porn industry.

Besides from pure pornography, which is basically consumable goods that can be watched, listened to and played. But any other sex-related transactions would be considered prostitution. In plain words, it’s legal if you look at someone doing such things but completely a no-no if you are actually doing it.

Sex to humans is like food to humans.

A modern urban man’s life is basically work, game and sex, besides the necessities like food, water, electricity, housing and clothing.

The sex industry produces even higher GDP than the video game industry.

Sex sells, what can I say?

Plus, the amount of export of sex products is humongous. Japan and America are the biggest porn exporting countries in the world.

This industry is ludicrous as the demand is impossible to drop.

If we look at sex industry not as some “nobody can talk about” topic, but actual numbers. They are PROFITS.

Women, as in female pornstars. have high stakes in porn industry. Men rarely make a dime in this industry. The audience are mostly male.

Women who work as cam models or anything like that usually would stream for multiple pornographic websites in order to gain sufficient amount of audience.

Sex generally sells, so you don’t make it free. People would like to pay a price for sensual pleasure they can get, from either visually, or physically.

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