Wonder Woman Is a God?

Basically all DC heroes are more or less inhuman, most of them are completely other beings that humans can not relate to.

You got Superman, which is technically an alien, Kryptonian. You got Green Lantern, some galaxy guardian type of organization, yet again, aliens. You got Aquaman, which lives under water, hailed as the king of sea, again, not human. You finally got Wonder Woman, which is basically a god, again, not human.

The only two members of Justice League that are human, are Flash and Batman. Flash got his superpower by a mis-experiment, Batman is… well rich and got PTSD by his parents’ death.

But the problem of DC is this theme they constantly tries to display in front of public, this “gods among us” theme. Every single superhero in DCEU is more or less a god-like existence. They don’t really have mortal problems to worry about. And every time, when mortals encounter troubles, they just sort of come and go–save the mortals, solve the problem, boom, all clean, gone.

And this theme persists even heavier in DC’s movie universe. The real action ones.

Just finished the 2017 Wonder Woman movie.

Frankly, the movie was great, I won’t give it a rate under 50. But it definitely can’t cross 75.

In this universe, Wonder Woman is simply depicted as a god, a god that lives among humans for centuries.

This whole thing just sort of baffles me. The mythology thing. I just can’t see how this mythological settings fit in to the landscape of modern superhero and modern world.

Gods are something so ancient, that you probably would bring them up only in stories like Odyssey, some Greek mythology related games etc.

Even gods, differ in Europe. You have Olympus Gods, basically the Greek Gods. And Norse Gods, or Scandinavian Gods.

And Wonder Woman is set as an offspring of Zeus and some random island owner? And her mission is basically set for killing her half-brother, Ares, the God of War.

And well, later she came to America.

It makes really no sense that some Greek God is not fighting their greek war but just suddenly comes to America.

Diana is an American hero, created for Americans. I think by definition her existence is closely tied to Americans lives, somehow her origin is completely not.

In movie universe, somehow her origin becomes some sort of intervener of WW1? And Steve Trevor is not an American pilot, but an American spy works for British Intelligence and somehow infiltrated German, at the end of war?

I feel like you have to throw away some cheesiness of this film in order to actually watch it.


Movies are a form of arts, they transcend knowledge and also are representative of era.

Wonder Woman pinpointed some pressing issues of our times, by referring the old times–feminism, race, war.

The movie captured some really good moments of war and the tension of it. Soldiers are weary of war, frightened. Everyone seems to have PTSD from this endless war, no man’s land.

Everyone wishes for peace.

And that’s it….


Frankly it’s a good movie, just by its teeny miney bits of references to contemporary issues, it’s relevant enough.

Definitely better than other DC movies, no joke.

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