The Perfect Meritocracy?

Earlier in time I wrote about how to create an ideal meritocracy system, a society where inheritance system is eliminated, people are rewarded as what they are capable of and… And I stopped there, I couldn’t figure out the rest of it–How do you even eliminate inheritance system first? In order to achieve equality for all?

But… could communism be the perfect meritocracy model for everyone?

The ideal communism state is a classless and stateless society. No class means no conflicts between classes, by which the contrary, is a state of affairs throughout human history. There is no government, everyone has a say in public matters. It is also a public ownership state. If a state is stripped of private ownership, that means no one owns anything and that means, no inheritance system. In this case, we may really eliminate the source of all evil, the inheritance system.

However, in reality, communistic states are not the ideal ones in Marx’s philosophy.

This utopian world seems too good to be true.

It requires massive amount of wealth, and on top of that, the world still keeps producing. If everyone is rich, then no one needs to work. If decent wealth is owned by everyone, then there is no poor, and no rich as well.

If no one needs to work, who is producing? The machines? But we have yet to reach that state where everyone can stop what they are doing and leave them to robots.

Plus, hypothetically, there are robots working non-stop and humans enjoying their lives whatsoever, is human nature timid enough to not try to rob other off their resources?

The resources on Earth is already limited, even the robots are producing, it doesn’t mean the resources they produce would be partitioned equally. Greed is one human nature. You don’t just want one, you want all.

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