Who’s Double-Crossing Whom? | Atomic Blonde Review

There are so much double-crossing……

Atomic Blonde is this Cold War spy thriller filled with 80s vibes–neons, boomboxes, motorcycles, hippies and East German street gangs who do b-boy all day.

The Berlin Wall was taken down on November 9, 1989. The film starts in November, 1989 in Berlin. Assume the inception is on November 1, 1989, the whole film is a record of the approximate 2 weeks operation set around the takedown of Berlin Wall.

The film uses a double-timeline storytelling, which was quite popular a few years ago. The main story is elicited by the interrogation of Lorraine Broughton, from her British Intelligence superiors, and a CIA officer.

The movie starts its pace slow and with few questions in audience’s minds. It looked like the typical spy movie with a bit of 80s vibes and, well the grey sky of Cold War.

Frankly, it is apparently not the brink of Cold War or the heat of Cold War, but the end of Cold War.

This whole spy scenery contrasts a lot with the progressing peace between both sides of Berlin Wall. The call for peace is near, however the world of intelligence is running rampage.

atomic blonde lorraine
Lorraine Broughton

Lorraine Broughton, the protagonist, was assigned to recover a list of exposed agents in East Germany. The list, was apparently of utmost urgency for British Intelligence as they feared the danger for their infiltrated agents on the East side.

And she needed to meet her contact on the East first, Percival.

atomic blonde Percival

Percival is the other main character of the film, he is the underground agent, Head of Station, the boss of spy network on the other side of the Wall. He’s been around the place for a decade, he knows everything inside out.

In the middle of retrieving the list, Lorraine met the other important character of the operation, Delphine Lasalle.

atomic blonde Delphine Lasalle
Delphine Lasalle

Delphine is a rookie agent from French Intelligence, she’s been Berlin for only a year. And her mission is not quite clear, but apparently she is assigned in helping retrieve the list for NATO.

Why the list was so important? Not just the exposed agents, Lorraine learned that there was a double agent lying beneath the spy network of both sides for a very long time. C, her British Intelligence superior, told her their goal was also to uncover the true identity of this secret double-crossing agent Satchel.

Agent Satchel is apparently a great spy, its (using its for the sake of no spoiler) identity is so mysterious even Percival, the boss of East Berlin, doesn’t know. And he’s eager, to know its true identity, by also setting his priority to retrieving the list.

Now we have three spies working for NATO, Lorraine, Percival and Delphine. And they all want the same goal, the list.

The list is stuffed inside a watch, in the beginning of the film, the death of agent James Gascoigne reveals that. And the murderer? Bakhtin. The guy is a KGB agent according to Gascoigne’s last words, however it’s better to describe him as a rogue agent or a black market merchant. Because the KGB, is also very interested in recovering the list. If Bakhtin is with KGB, the whole story wouldn’t even happen.

Lorraine in East Berlin was not on a smooth journey, she was hunted down by KGB. There were several times Lorraine came across KGB agents in East Berlin, most notably, the KBG boss. Bremovych.

Bremovych is this typical dickhead villain that does all the dirty jobs a film needs him to. He smashes, he attacks, he kidnaps. Doesn’t matter, you want a villain? You got it, boss. Bremovych is your guy, and he’s also a communist, the KGB communist.



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