Multiculturalism in Vancouver

As a giant immigrant city, Vancouver has all sorts of colors between its streets and alleys.

What is celebrated here in Canada, and people proud of, is this sense of harmony between people from different cultures.

You can see an Indian dude working in a Chinese supermarket smiling at its Chinese colleagues; some Iranian guys working in the immigration customs; some random Asian woman with a bad accent providing help for new comers and some white woman with probably East Europe background selling sim cards for whomever in need.

I never thought multiculturalism could work.

Because I think new cultures always bring bad blood and conflicts to whomever already settled down on a land.

Look at the European refugee crisis. The national unity is in danger because of Middle Eastern refugees flooding the countries.

But it seems, quite well integrated here in Vancouver. Everyone speaks English, although super bad English, but every person here seems to have a keen understanding of others, being a human as well.

As a Chinese old saying, treat others as how you want to be treated. Or in American English, put yourself in other people’s shoes. The affinity of shoes……

Although Chinese are probably taking up the places here in Vancouver, by the large amount… But white people here are extremely nice and tolerant of what other races are doing in this city.

I got the nice librarian lady who didn’t want to charge me for my library card, and the older one who double checked the price so I wouldn’t be mistakenly paying a higher price. And they know that I am just a visitor, not a permanent resident or anything.

I think, this is what makes a culture great, if such amount of tolerance can be shedded to everyone living in a should-have-been contradicted environment.

If civilization only ignites when there is courtesy between people, then civilization gets a human coat when people not only have courtesy, but also treat others as fellow human beings.

But I am glad, that I come from a town in China where people do treasure decency. Chang’an, just beside Shenzhen.

I think, it is a good thing that human kindness can be magnified in a city like this. And I do think, it is what the kindness has been protecting the city from constant misunderstanding, conflicts and the freezing cold in the far north, of North America.

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