The Immigration Dichotomy

Immigrants are usually a scene of prosperity of a country.

People far from their homes come to a country where mostly, they are alien to.

I ate a bowl of ramen in Fuku’s Ramen last night. Initially, I thought it was a ramen shop opened by Japanese, because, ramen are Japanese cuisine right? But it was actually a ramen shop operated by Koreans. The waitress is Korean, the chef is also Korean.

It reminded me of something. What surrounds the ramen shop are a dozen of Chinese stores opened by Chinese.

I don’t see many, Japanese overseas. None other than normal exchange students and tourists.

However, the proportions of Chinese and Korean immigrants are huge in the developed countries.

Immigrants are a scene of people coming from underdeveloped places to developed places.

For China, over 100 years, the country’s culture and economy are not strong enough to sustain its own citizens. So people chose to leave.

Immigrants pack their things and leave for a complete foreign land.

Here in Vancouver, you got all types of colors, Indians, Vietnamese, Chinese, Koreans and Iranians etc. The customs is composed of different colors.

Because, their home land was not strong enough, so they chose to leave for a better place to pursue a better life.

Japanese started their immigration in early 20th century and late 19th century. However, ever since the rise of Empire of Japan, citizens of Japan don’t seem to have a solid reason to leave their own country. Japan has been accommodating their citizens well by satisfying their needs. Japan, in terms of economy and culture, are strong magnets to keep people inside, not away from home.

Every culture that can produce its own uniqueness, and subsequently provides prosperity, are reasons why the citizens wouldn’t leave for another country.

Only those countries that have troubling status have disappointed their citizens and have them left for another country.

Now for China.

If our country has been great in the past 100 years, our citizens wouldn’t leave that far away from home for some random places up in the north of North America.

Because we were weak.

Now, in terms of pure economic growth, China is exceeding everyone in the world.

Frankly, the infrastructures of China, because of a newer technological generation, are extremely state of the art. China has replaced its old and crumbling infrastructures built back in the 80s and 90s with all of these newly made concrete and glasses.

Frankly, the West should be afraid that there is a country, although a bit isolated, using all of its momentum into building its basic blocks.

China definitely lacks many things, anything humanitarian. However, because of our highly central government, they think strong infrastructures are the keys to national prosperity, and indeed they are.

For the physical, and material world, China has been exceeding much further than countries other than the US. I went to UK once in 2013 and I thought the country was extremely well organized and developed. Now I make another comparison, the development between China and UK might be much similar than before.

China has built its own economic empire for its citizens, based on an extremely controlling demeanor. CCP doesn’t want mistakes.

China is fast. Everything is fast right now. If you go to Hong Kong, Shenzhen or Guangzhou. It’s so fast that anything, anything that is in the way of efficiency would be clamped down in order to make ways for fast development.

True, it definitely has detriments to the nature of things. The trade-off is, you get a fast pace, and you loose some quality on the way.

I can’t say it is entirely bad, but it is neither good either. It does pave the way for a fast developing landscape.

But one thing I do understand is that I hate to see my privacy invaded. Everything in China now can be monitored through digital data. Every single person, is a giant database of his/her own. Before leaving for Canada, I already knew that China has been integrating its ID system with personal data, so every citizen’s ID can be traced for their doings as long as, they have records on their IDs.

But specifically for Canada, it’s a rather slow-paced country. Things here operate on a much smaller level and because of the coldness, well, people are slow.

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