The Niceness here in Vancouver

At night you meet a lot of beggars. Even the beggars here are nice?

I heard that ever since Chinese got rich, beggars in the States would learn Chinese and beg from the Chinese tourists.

Yeah I met that too last night. A woman, probably Vietnamese or some thing, definitely not Chinese. She spoke some ok Chinese but with accent, you will instantly this person is not a native Chinese speaker. But she asked me for feeding her some pizza or some stuff, yeah, buy her a pizza. Eh, I declined, coz I am poor as hell as well.

There are also other white guys here begging for people for help and stuff.

I saw a really generous woman, however I think she was also very poor as well. She actually gave some money to the homeless sleeping on the street.

The woman looked impoverished with her cheap clothes and weary look, but her heart is still extremely warm as she would even lend out help to others even it is the hardest time for her.

I once heart that to determine a virtue, it is when one would help others when they are also hard on themselves. This type of selflessness trumps human evilness.

On a bus, I saw a Russian woman go up and help a woman with a baby on her back. The woman initially was quite uneasy with a toddler around her, and she was alone. When she tried to leave the bus, she needed to put her baby on her back with a blanket wrapped around her. She had trouble doing it since she was alone.

The woman sat next to me was speaking Russian all the time, once she saw the woman with the baby in trouble, she moved out of her seat and immediately came to help that woman.

It was, amazing, to see all of this happen in front of my eyes.

What is the thing that brings out the best of people here in Vancouver?

I’ve never ever seen something like this happen in China at all. No one would ever be this kind to a complete stranger. And no one would ever help someone if they see the person in trouble needed help.

It’s just. This sort of proactively engaging in helping others is just so, new to me. That woman seemed to be in trouble, and she needed help. The Russian woman saw it, and she went on it automatically as if that woman was her friend and helped her.

And everything went as smoothly as possible. The Vietnamese next to them although were lousy, but also helped the woman.

It’s just…

It surprised me frankly. It was such an endearing act for that Russian woman.

Sometimes, I don’t know what is right and wrong.

An immigrant come from a far flung country, or just a visitor, they are brought out the best of themselves in a city like this.

Vancouver definitely seems to possess some sort of magic to keep everything so smooth and kind to all people that come here, and settle here.

When I went on the bus, I still couldn’t figure out the coin values and stuff. I didn’t think I got enough coins at the time, but I got paper money.

But the Indian driver saw me that I was kind of in trouble, he thought I may not have enough money, but truth was I had, it was just I didn’t know how to use coins and I didn’t have enough coins.

So he asked me to just put all in there and sit, and pick up the ticket.

It was, just, kind and nice. I really thank that Indian driver for his kindness.

He even noticed me it was the last stop when I had no idea where I was heading to.

People are really nice here in Vancouver, everyone tries to help each other.

Sometimes, cynicism takes the best out of me. I would think, maybe these people being nice are just for show. They see everyone being nice so they want to be nice as well.

However, I don’t need kindness is something you would automatically lend out.

From where I come from, people do not lend out their kindness easily. Even the closest kins don’t have much kindness for each other.

Maybe, I shouldn’t have this thought at all. I come here, one of the reasons, is because I want to believe in humanitarianism. I want to be treated as a human and treat others as humans as well.

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