Toby, the Guy from Germany

Toby is my next door tenant in this 2 week airbnb.

We went out yesterday and I had a quite good bonding with him as our values are very similar.

Toby came to Canada for one reason, freedom.

He talked to me about the German social issues there as they seem to have really high tax rate.

He said it is somewhere around half of the earning.

I was kind of shocked.

The German government takes half of what people earn? That makes no sense to me.

But Toby said, if you earn 3800 Euro in Germany, the government takes 1800 Euro.

And before May, you work for government, after May, you work for yourself.

I take that as how government imposes heavy tax on citizens? Like only before May you pay heavy taxes like half of it? And later you pay lower maybe?

Toby couldn’t explain himself.

Toby is like me as well. We both love freedom and think it is the crucial thing to not be invaded.

He said Germany is very competitive. Everybody has a phone, car, apartment etc. Everybody wants to be better than others. And if you are better, I hate you for you are being better.

I actually find similar experiences in China as well.

I know these people are haters. But, haters back in China are, A LOT.

So frankly, maybe, this is a problem for all competitive countries? People love to compare each other.

Toby thinks he have a better life here in Canada. Not Germany. Germany seems too tiring and other countries in Europe are more or less the same.

Well, I don’t know frankly.

I’ve never been to Europe, only UK once. And… well. I intend to stay there for quite some long time and study the societies.

Toby also explained that he likes women who love him for who he is. That is actually what I feel like as well.

I think… once you possess some physical and material stuff, people love you for your status. Not really you. Especially women and stuff.

I produce these physical possessions because they would let me have a better life quality, not really the sort of fake doting I need.

Either way, I find Germany and China quite similar, from Toby’s words.

Maybe it’s not. Maybe because we are similar people and we all face similar problems, you know?

I think, if I got nothing in these few years, I may as well just going to become Toby, someone with a backpack and live frugally to travel around the world.

It feels genuinely nice to be this free.

Toby had a car, an apartment and all that stuff back in Germany. He was a metal worker.

But he quit all of the stuff and sold them and left home for fulfillment in life. To be spiritual like us here walking down paths of Vancouver.

Toby also talked about family. Although family is one of the reasons why I left China. He said family gives you a bay. A bay where you want to turn back to.


I don’t know.

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