The Biological Chemistry Between Men and Women

Maybe it’s evolution, maybe it’s just pure animal instincts.

The beautiful stories of prince and princess give us the hope of a relationship built on mutual fondness and mutual understanding, however, reality seems to be more crude than what we would genuinely think of.

Women don’t know how to say no. The majority of them.

I think, they are built like this, biologically engineered to be this way.

It’s encoded in their genes to react to literally everything.

So maybe we had this notion that women always object men, or turn down them easily, however I find that rather strange to say.

The truth I found is that usually this occasion happens when you give them an easy situation to say no. So easy, as to every person, no matter man or woman, can say no to your offer.

You are either too nervous, too chicken, or have too low self-esteem, to present yourself in front of people.

Women don’t say no.

In order for the human species to survive, women are encoded to not say no to men’s desires.

Because if women do say no, the species is going to extinction pretty soon, but well, we’ve lived so far.

So, there is this stupid not very technical differentiation between people, the alphas, and the betas. Anyway I’m just going to borrow it here to illustrate the point.

So here’s the fact.

Beta women don’t know how to say no, and beta men, don’t know how to say “yes”. Meaning, a beta man doesn’t even know how to make a woman not say no. And the threshold of a beta woman not saying no is so low, that literally, as long as you approach her, she will say yes to you. So long you have an ok presentation, and the requirement is seriously low, that you only need to be ok about it. I doubt the fact you need some cheesy pick up lines to pick up beta women, the only thing you need is, casually speaking, ballsy enough.

And frankly, if you don’t even want them. Being polite doesn’t reveal your desire, being straightforward reveals your desire. And ask yourself, do you want them though? Or you are just politely asking, as a friend? Then you’ll get a friend.

Maybe it’s how our modern society molds people, maybe it’s because of the Internet.

Beta men are perceived as polite, nice and hard-working people. However, being polite is not the problem here, you can be polite, and desiring, the same time.

Women are grabbed, women desire to be desired.

If you don’t even want them, they don’t want you.

Women seek attention, the attention from everyone, and the one with the strongest desire wins.

I would say, physical attraction may play an even bigger role in mate selecting than “money”.

Usually, for women who like money, they are a different species than the women who just enter society. By this, I mean, in a complete naked mating scene stripped of social status, women would prefer the physically stronger and agiler men as their mating partners.

Money introduces the sophistication of a society. A woman only knows the importance of money after she finds it hard to acquire by her own. So when women see money, they see the more sophisticated version of mating, that more resources can guarantee her survival, and the subsequent survival of the offspring.

Sometimes, more money meaning more pleasure, more entertainment and more attention. Women see money as mere cosmetic experience, not the intrinsic value of money.

So, to date younger women, who seldomly taste society, you need to be physically attractive. To date older women, who have tasted society, you need to be socially attractive, meaning high social profile.

But the rule doesn’t change though.

Most women don’t say no. Just go.

So here’s an interesting question, why do men and women still bind together even though they don’t like each other?

Apparently biology plays a bigger role here than mere mutual understanding. Women need men, just as much as men need women.

It states a simple fact, as long as you are not disabled, extremely physically impaired, most women can live with you without you being sexy as hell, or rich as fuck. These notions are created for extremism, not common day to day dating life.

Because women are engineered to not say no.

So a stronger assertion here is, forcing yourself onto a woman can have a higher chance than politely asking them. And they are actually fine with it.

The reason for this is just quite, “evolutionary”. Frankly men are diverse, and usually, as men, we have just really bad fellows, and really good fellows.

No matter what, it seems that, according to evolution, a woman would accept a man no matter how low that person is, and accept a man no matter how good he is. This tolerance here plays the role of reproducing. To me, it seems like morality plays a significantly expendable role here.

The common notion of modern society is based on a more civilized manner in order to make things work. The mating scene is apparently contradictory to how society lectures us to be, honorable, upright, cooperative, polite and nice. It’s cruder than our basic disciplines to humanity.

This also explains why mating scene is more chaotic than any other human activity that is powered through by rationality. Cheating, polygamy, adultery etc.

The rare species here is alpha women. The type of women that have developed independent thinking, which places them on par with men.

Statistically, men are more likely to develop rational thinking than women.

In the end, to have a mutually spontaneous relationship is rarer than common relationships.

And that’s what I am seeking for.


So maybe you’re thinking, why do I, the man, have to always be proactive, why do I always have to initiate anything?

Well, frankly, beta men and women don’t initiate at all. They are all passive. It’s not just the women are passive, the men in the same category are passive as well.

I think this pertains more to personality.

It’s rather, are you comfortable of being proactive, are you comfortable to initiate something?

The women and men who are proactive are alphas, women in this case are rarer than men, because, well again, evolution.

Women lie, women lie much more than men on a daily basis.

They are extremely good deceivers based on the exploitation of men’s desires and excitement.

After a man calms down, he can see through the lies. Because to dissect a lie is a simple logic process.

And it seems that honor to a woman is much less important than to a man.

Women are rigid. Being flexible seems more likely a trait of men.

Women can specialize in very robotic work since they can handle very detailed things well.

Men specialize in overall control, the big picture of things to give directions.

So you may see women score very well on testing, but that doesn’t necessarily entail her problem solving capabilities.

Women want just as much sex as men do.

The only difference here is how libido works.

For men, it’s a steep slope. It can jump from 0 to 100 in a second, and it can turn off from 100 to 0 if they see something unpleasant.

For women, it’s more like the upper half of a trapezoid, or a trajectory. They go up to climax slow, and go down from climax slow. It doesn’t disappear at once, and doesn’t appear instantly.

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