Money as to Chinese

Just talked to my elders and got very discouraged.

Right now, my friends and I are still not in a producing phase where we can’t produce much money, this leads the problem inevitably to our previous generation.

The previous generation grew up in extreme poverty state. This extreme poverty dealt disastrous mental trauma to everyone who grew up in that era.

And it leads to an extreme materialistic and almost demented view of world: money before everything.

I saw this thing and experienced this thing first hand, I know how disastrous this demented mentality has tormented generations of people.

Under such a tight-controlled economy, earning money is not natural, it can’t simply be earned by your pure production, but many other collateral cost. It becomes a heavy burden on almost every Chinese.

And extreme poverty was hell back then, without money, specifically to the older Chinese, means to go die. And they suffered from that trauma and still carry it with them now and then.

This becomes a reality that Chinese are truly heartless, and that, they are.

Their ideas are not guided by spiritual beliefs but pure material possessions.

Money is so important it can come before literally everything: lover, friends, family and partners.

They put such a heavy value on the cosmetic value of money, they themselves are completely skewed by it. Their minds, and bodies.

It was hell back then in China, it is still hell in China.

The reason why I said I experienced it first-handed was because even the people my age, making minimum wages, are extremely hard-bent towards money. If their money is used by any means, they’d go haywire for it.

Such pathetic scenario in China plays on and on again, which leads to the scene of materialism, people are just mad, about physical possessions.

Chinese, are heartless. Yes they truly are.

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