Knowledge as to a Person, and College

So many people nowadays in North America resent the idea of entering a college, or that suggest dropping out of it.

I’ve held this idea onto my mind and came to Canada alone, believing that, it’s not a necessity for college, or university.

Today I visited McGill University, located in the heart of Montreal, the downtown area that connects the outer rings of the city. McGill University is located beside the Mount Royal, and its facilities span across the several districts encompassing multiple blocks.

I went to the library today.

Frankly this is my first time, or maybe not, inside a college campus alone, and seeing so much people hurrying in and out.

The library was fully packed with students with their laptops, mostly Apple, and  students facing school-provided computers.

It was busy even after hours. After the normal working hours. I was there at around 5 pm or 6 pm, and there were still many people inside.

The well-organized scenery astonished me, and for the students they really did seem working hard at the moment.

This idea of not going to a college has been around for entrepreneurs for a long time. Many successful entrepreneurs made it without the help of college, or at least, did not finish them.

The typical entrepreneur example is this nerdy undergraduate kid suddenly gets dawned some day in time, and heads out for a venture that is only for him/her.

Such examples are few, what we usually see in colleges and universities really are hardworking students, or people who love to waste themselves on parties.

Jordan Peterson once said that college is a way for you to throw your time in and get nothing in return. As he coined it, “The  Treasure Island” for Peter Pans.

Such wonderland is a place for fake prestige, and a bay for people who simply can just ditch everything and enjoy their lives there. As he said it, “College has created this bubble where you can get in there and have an entitled prestige but do nothing in case of discovering yourself. By the age of 30, everyone would look at you as if you still haven’t found your way of life.”

It is, true, I believe.

However, what about the vast majority?

Even though there are many successful people out there crying for your true independence, your financial independence, college dropouts are still the rare case comparing to the normal students who obey the procedures and finish college in 3 or 4 years.

It is true, that, if you haven’t found what you want in your 4 years of college, you are unlikely to find it later in life. Or that, you just postpone the process of you truly discovering yourself.

The thing is, the obedient students who follow the normal procedure of college have done nothing wrong.

Although it’s hard to determine their actual field talent, but their academic score is something you can put your reminder on.

As I see it, universities and colleges are truly places for academic studies and they ARE important to be there. We need these scholars to tackle through unimaginably hard problems that, outside of academia, no one can handle.

What’s the thing about college might be the case that, as society evolves, college evolves as well. In the past, low threshold jobs can be sufficed with lower degree or lower eduction background. But today, even jobs like accountant need you to have a 3 or 4 year university degree in order to compete out of your peers, or not.

I saw those students studying really hard for their courses, all of those high-end majors don’t seem like something, that you can simply go into, say, a law firm, or a hospital, to master all those knowledge and skills.

High-end jobs, specifically complicated jobs, need your book knowledge coming from college.

But the problem is, that I still have yet to answer, and that I have yet to ask the college students, can they apply the knowledge? And apply well?

Many great knowledge workers agree with me: Knowledge without applying is useless.

Hence this is the major reason why many college dropouts are more successful than the most who don’t. They know what they are doing.

I talked to Alex about this problem as well.

The ability of you scaling in academic study can’t determine your real world critical thinking ability and problem solving skills.

And I’ve seen real life examples, and I have experienced it myself, that knowledge is obtained through the most fundamental, and basic form–reading. Besides that, let’s presume that knowledge in this world is free, then I believe everyone, as long as one is willing to learn, can be master of a field he/she is interested in, or excellent at.

Frankly, knowledge can be obtained by just simple simple methods. And there are many ways to obtain knowledge as well. And I believe, what is the most natural to humans, is the most efficient and the truest form of understanding our universe. I put reading as an example of obtaining knowledge, however, there are many many other ways for one to acquire knowledge at his whim.

  • You can learn through thinking, by contemplating the world surrounding us.
  • You can learn through talking, by absorbing information others provide you.
  • You can learn through listening, by listening to conferences or other lectures you can find.
  • …..

There tons of other ways how you can learn, and gladly as I am, knowledge in this world is still easily obtainable, and not very exploited, yet.

And this process defines that, no matter where you are, learning is a process defined by yourself, not by your institution, not by your academic prestige, not by your wealth, and not by your birth background.

You can definitely put yourself inside an institution and study/work from 9 to 5 everyday. This college life though can’t guarantee your success, but it does can guarantee your degree and well, subsequently a stable life.

Is it true that colleges and universities are just a fake front for people to enjoy themselves?

I think this question has to be ultimately run down by individuals. I’ve seen people wasting themselves in college, people who work hard, and people who drop out.

The lesson of life is quite simple, you need to be the helm of your own voyage. No one is going to tell you what to do and you better not let the robotic life consume your very humanity.

But anyways, I think I am going to interview some of those kids and college and see how they are doing.

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