What Is Belief to Men?

Last night I went to a charity event held by a church.

The church is located far away from downtown, in a quiet suburban area covered by heavy snow.

When I walked into the church, I saw people hugging and greeting each other. It genuinely felt like a warm place to be, much different than the coldness outside.

“Are you a religious person, Oakley?”

“No, I am not. But I am interested in religions.”

People raised by the church seem genuinely well in manners, and decent.

Although the so-called God also surrounds them in case of, everything, but, I think such theme gives these people a sense of community.

The event was not completely held in the name of God, but in the name of community. The church and the charity foundation want to give back to the community that’s always been giving in.

“Downtown doesn’t seem nice like this, sometimes people are rude. And they all share a cold face.”

“Yeah, I can see that, we have a community here and we care to nourish it.”

Where do weary people go when they have traversed long distance in a faceless desert?

An oasis.

This oasis consists of people with faith, and a sense of community, a more genuine approach to life, and to every other human being. 

Reality is quite harsh sometimes, people need “the oasis” in order to keep moving forward. Religions sometimes don’t just give people some “Omnipotent” lecturing, but a sense of security they can rely on. People gather around to form a community, and such community serves everybody. It’s a virtuous cycle in contrast to the vicious cycle where everyone tries to shit on everyone else’s head.

Chinese are always reprimanded as “belief-less”. And most Chinese are atheists.

I don’t want to stress religion as such a big role in making humans lives faithful, however religions are what gave people beliefs before the dawn of science.

Believing in nothing denotes a state of hopelessness. 

Without hope, humans are dysfunctional.

Modern industrialization has seen people turning into robots, working days and nights nonstop.

Such human beings work in nonhuman conditions, with little to zero hope to see another day.

This scenario happened in the not too long ago 19th century Europe, and is now happening in China.

What is belief to men?

Oasis, in a dreary desert.

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