A New Chapter

In life, all the rejections in the past did not stop me from seeking betterment and perfection.

Whilst I never know I have gotten to a point where everyone is surprised, until that spot on the timeline, I found out I’ve grown. And such growth is even hard for me to notice.

I think I am pushing myself closer to a life I dream myself to become, and that destination is closer and closer every single day.

I never thought I am a different person than 7 or 8 years ago, I never really feel I have become someone that’s drastically different than that young boy in the past, with the same amount of enthusiasm, same amount of compassion, same amount of confusion.

But because of all of this, such cycle of constantly seeking, understanding, solving and applying, this process has made iron to metal.

Still, I’ve kept my confusion to the world, and frankly, all the problems, that I notice, and that people notice, are going to be solved eventually. And I seek a much quicker time in doing that.

And by that spot of timeline, I may come to peace with myself and be able to process all of the negative things I’ve come to, just, I don’t give a fuck anymore.

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