The Chinese Conundrum

Chinese are this plate of loose sand with no unity and national identity.

Out of China, I feel this obligation to protect the Chinese identity no matter what form my country is in. The white people are not going to protect the Chinese identity, Koreans are not supposed to, Japanese are not supposed to, Mexicans are not supposed to. Nobody but Chinese are supposed to protect the Chinese identity.

And I think, even inside China, Chinese are supposed to protect the Chinese identity, even though most Chinese don’t have a sense of nationalism and cultural identification.

We need to protect the Han culture, the Han identity.

This conundrum is quite simple. The Chinese government is communist.

And under communist control, the country isn’t exactly Han, and neither completely communist as well.

So I think most of the times, I, and other Chinese, are in this embarrassing situation where I want to protect, and I am reluctant to do so.

China is pretty fucking communist, and communist is annoying.

But out of China, we don’t necessarily have a spot where it can sustain the culture’s sustainability, and grow economy and military freely.

And you ask me, isn’t China doing so? But it’s COMMUNIST.

Communist people are annoying, communists are annoying.

It’s this shitty ideology that blocks many opportunities for other people in the country, and out of the country.

No one recognizes China as a respectable nation, but a second tier country, and second tier citizens.

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