What Alex Told Me

“It’s a real pain that there are so many obstacles to progress and opportunities. I’ve felt this pain acutely many times myself. It is not enough to crave success; success must be negotiated with others who will want some part of it. ”

I looked through the window into the streets, sitting inside a cubicle of a high-rise, I felt this far distance between me and success.

I know doing so is far from enough, my journey has just started, however it already feels extremely hard to comb through such a process.

Normal people don’t just lack courage, they lack wisdom, they lack innovation, they lack so many things to become something much greater than themselves.

But what are we ultimately? Some people seek physical stability, but even such stability comes with hard-work and many obstacles.

“I feel like, I wanted an iPad, and I sold my kidney to have an iPad. Now I have an iPad now, but I’m not quite sure is it worth it.”

Life is hard in many ways we think of it.

And the far beyond is also fascinating to see what could it be for the ultimate alchemy.

One simply does not stop dreaming, from the day he stops dreaming, he dies with his dreams.

And being on the road with no purpose is no more than suicide.

How is one going to proceed? I ponder.

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